The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

love like a burning fire, filling me with infinite desire

I love and adore really, really cheesy valentines, but they're kinda hard to explain to my students. So are those awful, horrible heart-shaped candies with bad English on them that I inflicted on my students today in with the excuse "they're a American Valentine's Day tradition, I swear!" I think that I may, in fact, be somewhat evil. Okay, I know I am, because I gave all of my students Hello Kitty Valentines and now I can treasure their bemused expressions forever. Heh.

Today, many of my male students bemoaned the fact that no women gave them chocolate.

Today, many of my female students were satisfied because they bought and ate the chocolate themselves.

I adore my postman. I need to give him a present or something. He came today! After coming yesterday and leaving a notice, he still came again today! He is lovely! So that is why I had cheesy Valentines and gross candy the day after Valentine's Day, and why my students and coworkers were subjected to them. Also in my box was also a doggie bandana, complete with Angel hair, a picture of my mother at the computer with the words "waiting for email from Tara" on it, a hotplate glove (I don't have an oven... I'm pretty sure my mom knows I don't have an oven...) and several kitchen towels and washcloths (apparently, my mom mistrusts all foreign kitchen towels for some reason), a few ladybugs, a credit card, a webcam, and a picture of Jaya. I'm not sure which is the more random -- the half-eaten light-up lollipop from last July, or the bungee cord. On the surface, it's the lollipop, but at least I can eat that. But what can I do with a foot-long bungee cord? I love my mother for the pure randomness that she injects into my life.

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