The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Kitty-chan and Y!J randomness.

In honor of getting my new Hello Kitty bank card today, I bring you random Kitty facts blatently stolen from Japanzine magazine!
- Kitty's official weight is described as being "three apples" and her height is "five apples."
- Kitty is named after one of Alice's cats in Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass," supposedly.
- Her last name is White and she lives in London.
- Kitty is the High Priestess in her very own Tarot Card Deck (and OMG I WANT IT SO MUCH!!!!!).
- For her 30th birthday, Sanrio made a Kitty-chan crop circle in the UK near Stonehenge.
- Never before has my icon been so appropriate.

Okay, enough about the cat. Now I shall bring you random Y!J link-spam! Yay!
-Holy heavens, this is a gorgeous outfit!!! Lotus would look divine in it. Unfortunately, other people think so, too, and thus it is way out of my price range.
-Look withinity! A Sleeping Honey head! You could have your own Lotus! (Although I don't think this head is white skin like Lotus is.)
-*sigh of utter adoration* I still love this artist's work the bestest. I love the dolls and the website and the designs and everything! Back when I first got into BJDs, this was the site I drooled over. Yes. And wouldn't Jaya look AWESOME in that outfit!?! Too bad I don't know how to use Y!J yet...
-The little kitty panties in this are cute, but there is something vaguely off about the entire set up. *squints*
-I really kinda like this DD head.
-Little punk Yuki! *dies* And look at the pictures on the site, too! withinity, it looks like this person sells stuff at Dolpa, I want to be sure to check it out! Hehehehe.
-Normally, I don't like Asha, but these two are really nifty! I like them a lot. ohani, you should definitely click on the links to these ones!
-Such a cute dress! Y'all know about my fondness for the color yellow, right?

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