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I wanna go here. Because PRETTY!

I have decided that rice cookers are the greatest kitchen tool EVER. You just put rice and water in them and awhile later (and it doesn't really matter how much time later, like, you can forget you were even hungry for HOURS and then remember and still get perfect rice!) out comes tasty, tasty rice! Yum. However, if there was one kitchen tool I couldn't live without, it would be my toaster oven. Forget the stove, forget the microwave, the toaster oven rules all. Because it can make toast. And toast ROCKS!!!

I got incredible pictures of cuteness from ohani yesterday. *squee!!!* Bee-charmer Ellette! Lycoris in the darkness! Neithe the radiant faerie! And cute, wee little Patrick cosplaying Mr. Tumnus! So cute. Thank you, ohani! My walls are not looking quite as bare as they had been. Yay!

inkwraith, have you asked for time off yet? Tokyo, whee~! Booked hotels rooms yesterday with withinity, so we are a GO! Rock. And I have been making PLANS. Mwahahahhahahahahhhahaaahahhahahahhhhahahahahaaaahhaha~! Ahem.

I ran away from a bar called The Blarney Stone (a foreigner hangout) last Saturday. Was invited to a party, went, was overwhelmed by the jam-packedness of the place and by the fact that that sort of bar is SO not my scene. I fled without saying goodbye. Don't think it had anything to do with culture stress, but the bizarre moodswings I'm having lately could be. Happy-hyper-almost-scaring-my-students-with-my-Ultra-Manic-Mode one moment and kinda moping along the next and then later filled with quite, wonderous glee and love of everyone and everything and then anger at work soon after that (but work-related anger is a natural by-product of work, so whatever). However, this is somewhat normal for me -- it's happened a lot in the past. Also, it could be caused by the weather -- I swear, it must rain, like 2 days outta 5 here! It's rained more here in the little while I've been here than it rained in a DECADE back home. Sheesh. So, the moods could just be this silly California Girl missing the sun. Or something.

Xi is calling to me. Seriously, he really really is. He already has a STORY and RELATIONSHIPS with my gang of girls. See, he's a sickly prince who was turned into a frog and only the kiss of true love could reverse the curse. So one day Kalila, Clover, and Olwyn are walking in the woods, and Kalila is dressed up all girly and pretty for once (because she lost a bet with Olwyn, heh) and Clover dares her to kiss the frog and Kalila catches it to put down Olwyn's dress and somehow ends up kissing it and whoops, it turns into a boy! And he's kinda woozy, what with being suddenly de-frogified, and sees this stunningly gorgeous maiden with glowing blue eyes and he vows to marry her and then he passes out. Later he wakes up and Olwyn and Clover and Kalila (back in her normal attire) are there and he can't quite figure out which one it was. Also, he thinks Kalila is a boy. He finally settles on Clover as being his princess (since she's kinda sorta an elf princess), but that makes Kalila mad because Clover is HERS, thank-you-very-much-stupid-intruding-boy-creature. And this goes on for awhile and Olwyn gets a crush on him and Clover is terribly amused by it all and he still thinks Kalila is a boy and wow, this totally sounds like a shojo manga, doesn't it? Heh.

Okay, right then. Ailani needs a little brother, right? Right. She totally needs help in the guarding of Lotus! I mean, seriously, everyone seems to be in love with Lotus. So many people threaten to walk off with her! (Not that I think you actually would, but still.) Right. TWO guardian angels would be best, I think. Yes. *dies*

In other news, I'm going to bed now. For it is Wednesday, and I must teach Brats of Evil (TM) today and so I need my rest if I am to survive. Yes.
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