The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

I have never before been earwigged this badly in my entire life.

So, the other teacher at my school was off to Vancouver today (she's going on a homestay) and the manager was off at her other school (because GEOS is fucked up and thinks that trying to kill their managers with too much work and too much stress is fun) so I was the only one at my school. Yes. Um. Well, the guy delivering our freshly cleaned welcome mat I could handle, because all he wanted was to give me the receipt and that was that. The part-time worker (she hands out GEOS tissue packs at street intersections for us) was a little harder, but I took the folder that she gave me and put it on the desk for the manager and pointed at the date on the calendar that the manager would be back and I think it worked out. Maybe. The guy that was returning money that my school had overpaid him... that sucked. I was pulled out of class and had to get one of my (unfortunately lower-level students) to translate and I had to find the school hanko and fiddle with the receipt machine (which I couldn't get working...) and sign something and I don't even know what it was for! It left me off-balance for that lesson and I felt so guilty that I promised all the the students an extra lesson day on their contracts because I know my teaching sucked.

But all that? Okay, I can deal. What I can't deal with is the phone. OMG, the phone! The school phone plays a little jingle while it is ringing and it was ringing CONSTANTLY all day. I serious, it just kept ringing and ringing and ringing and now I'm hearing that jingle like it's been engraved into my BRAIN. Seriously, I've had songs stuck in my head before, but never like this! It's evil, that's all there is too it. Now I'm going to put on my CD player and earphones and try to go to sleep, because I totally can't sleep with this horrible, evil little tune going through my head. Christ.

Anyway, yeah. Good night.

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