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My dolls are absolutely spoiled rotten. Also, Japanese music is cool.

Wow, it's been a busy few weeks!

Last weekend I got together with onegreyelephant and co. We explored bits of Osaka together. First up was the Volks store, where I finally bought a Custom Figure Kit. OMG, I am totally in love! Those kits are awesome. I never knew that I would have so much fun putting something like that together! I'm totally going to get more of these dolls, they're fantastic! (Once I have finished -- i.e., painted -- her, I will post pictures.) I also bought Lotus some hot weather sleep wear/underclothes.

After the Volks store, we wandered around Nippomboshi Den-Den, Shinsaibashi, and America Mura. We went into this bookstore that had a whole FLOOR devoted to yaoi doujinshi. Wow, I totally didn't know that there were even that many of them! Coolness. I bought a Lord of the Rings one because the cover art was cool. If I had a scanner, I would show it off, but alas, I have no scanner... onegreyelephant bought an awesome gothic lolita-ish shirt at this one little shop in America Mura that was really cool. There were lots of EGL shops there, you would totally dig it mayuka13! Unfortunately, I had to bail out of the second day of her stay in Osaka (I was, and actually still am, sick, but that night was the worst because I couldn't sleep at all because I couldn't stop coughing and blowing my nose, ugh).

But we did have time for pictures! I brought Kalila along and onegreyelephant brought Oska. They got along well, I think.

I had such a fun time!

And I had more fun this weekend, too!

Yesterday, withinity and I went to the Kyoto Dollpa and to a Live at Osaka Muse. Wow, talk about an overload of fun -- it was absolutely fabulous! To get to the dollpa, we took the Shinkansen. Very nifty! Once in Kyoto, we followed other people with doll bags on the subway and the bus to arrive safely at our destination. After a few mis-adventures of standing in the wrong line, we managed to find the line for general admission to the dealers room. I was #242 in line -- a pretty decent number! Waiting in line was COLD. Now I know what everyone means when they tell me that Kyoto is colder than Osaka. It actually snowed the tiniest bit while we were waiting, but it wasn't the snow that nearly killed us, it was the wind. OMG, the wind! SO COLD. I had my heavy jacket on and was still freezing, I don't even want to think about how miserable those girls dressed up in their frilly finery were! Oh, and you know all those funky-ass cool BJD shoes? I saw so many people-sized versions! I didn't think some of those shoes could actually exist in real life, but there they were! And spiffy EGL outfit. Lots of them. Very cool (literally).

But standing in that line in the freezing rain and deadly wind for two hours was worth it, because once inside there was SO MUCH COOLNESS I COULD HAVE DIED. Yes. So. Cool. There was so much STUFF. And I wanted most of it. And so much to buy for Yo-SD/Leeke sized dolls! I think that was the most amazing bit for me. I mean, it's always been really hard for me to find nifty stuff in that size for Ailani and Lotus, but at the dollpa I swear almost every booth was selling something for that size. It totally rocked. I bought the most stuff for that size, and only one MSD shirt and one SD13 dress. Kalila, Clover, and Olwyn were not amused, oh no. And I have no one to wear this dress at the moment, but! It was cool! And yes! Coolness!

Here are a bunch of pictures of the various dolls displayed at the various booths. Some of the pictures are pretty crappy (blurry or overexposed) because it was a bit hectic asking for permission to photograph and then trying to photograph around the crowds, so sorry! I really didn't do all of the gorgeous dolls there justice. But, here's a small sample of some of the coolness of the dollpa!

This was the only LatiDoll I saw there, although I saw lots of Leeke dolls. I was a little disappointed by the lack of PocketFairies -- I only saw two. There was lots of Obitsu/Azone dolls, 1/6 dolls of various sorts, and Blythes there, though.

I am more than a little in love with this doll. And this outfit. And her whole look. Wow.

Little cutie in a cage! *squees*

This was a gorgeous, themed set-up.

OMG, such a cute Kohaku! Makes me think Olwyn needs a brother...

This was another totally cool themed set-up.

Unfortunately, my camera flash washes it out, but this doll was painted black. Very cool! (I'm not sure about the blue eyes for a black doll, though...)

Awww, what a cute little punk family!

This evil wench tried to make me buy her stuff. But I resisted! But she almost got me...

I wish the other pics I took of this setup had come out, because it was awesome. The dolls were so well-posed and the whole thing so well put together that it told a whole store. Yay, yakuza!

I want this wig for Clover, seriously.

These red and purple dresses made me think of my mum and the Red Hat Society, *giggles*.

Seriously, I wanted EVERYTHING. inkwraith, I'm warning you now, when you come for Golden Week, bring lots of money. I'm told the Tokyo Dollpa is even bigger and has even more stuff to buy. Just think of all the stuff you can get for Pippa, Merrick, Icarian, Seph, and even Zen!

Anyway, the displays that Volks set up were cool, too.
The One-Off Models were cool, of course.

There were several other displays to show off the new clothing released for this event, but I only took pics of this one because was to-die-for-cute. Seriously, seriously cute.

I really think I may want a Kohaku...

Well, after the dollpa, we took the JR train back to Osaka (for those counting at home, yesterday I rode 1)the Hankyu railway, 2)the Osaka subway, 3)the Shinkansen, 4)the Kyoto subway, 5)a Kyoto bus, and 6)the JR train) for the Live. It was utterly spectacular!

There were several bands playing. I really liked HEAR. Their drummer was dressed in a panda suit and the lead singer was this incredibly fey, genki pretty boy who had a panda puppet. XD *giggles* I also liked BABYLON, グルグル映畫館, and 秘密結社コドモA. It was quite awesome. I kinda wish I'd bought a CD of グルグル映畫館 (Guruguru Eigakan), because they were really nifty. Oh, and HEAR had this fan with a panda on it that I should have gotten, too, but by 10pm I was so exhausted from the whole day that I just wanted to go home and crash. Which I did.

So I spent today playing with my dolls and gleefully making them try on the swag I brought home.

First, a picture of Ailani in a tree (this is from the trip to Kobe several weeks ago, but you can never have too much Ailani, I think) wearing the outfit I got for her at the Volks store (I actually bought another outfit by this artist at the dollpa because I really like her stuff). When withinity posted pictures of Ichigo to DoA from this shoot, there was one of Ailani in the background in this tree. I thought it was cute and I wanted to share a close-up. ^_^

And since you also can never have too much Ellette, one of her as well. I got the outfit from the DoA Marketplace, her traditional Japanese elementary school randoseru I got from a temple in Kobe, and her swank new carrying case I got from the Studio Ghibli store in Umeda. She looks a little scared here; maybe it's her first day at school?

And now the swag from the dollpa!

Kalila: You! Owner-type person!
me: Wha?
Kalila: Yes, you! Tara! You went to the Kyoto Dollpa yesterday, right?
me: Yeah...
Kalila: So show us the swag, woman!!! We're all waiting!

me: Well, you all have gotten a lot of swag already lately. Olwyn got her new knit dress...
Olwyn: And I like it very much, thanks.

me: You're welcome. Anyway, and Lotus and Ailani got their new matching dresses, and Ellette got her new school uniform and backpack, and Clover got her nifty new coat. Oh, and withinity brought you this beautiful fan back all the way from Korea!

me: Also, I got you a new outfit complete with leather coat, pants, and hoodie from Volks only two months ago!
Kalila: Your point being?

me: Well, do you really think you deserve MORE presents?
Kalila: Yes. *glares*
Clover: Kal, stop it. What Kalila is trying to say, Miss Tara, is that we know you bought us stuff. We'd just like to see, pretty please? *Elven Charm Attack, -200 to willpower*
me *staggers and gives in* Okay...

Kalila: ...
Clover: ...
Ellette: wow
Ailani: Neato!
Lotus: zzzzzzzzz
Olwyn: You bought a shit-load! Awesome!
me: Hey, watch your language, young lady!
Olwyn: *snorts* You swear far worse than that.
me: *blushes* Um...
Kalila: HEY! Wait a minute! There is a lot of swag there, but I don't see anything for ME! What's up with that!?!?

me: *cringes* Um, well, you see, there was all this Yo-SD stuff there that was REALLY REALLY cute and so I kinda spentallofmymoneyonthatsorry!
Kalila and Olwyn: *twin blue-eyed glares of DOOM*
me: Eep!
Clover: Now now, I do see a shirt in that pile that looks our size.

me: Yes! I got you a nifty shirt with hedgehogs and mushrooms on it!
Kalila: *grumbles* Whatever. Okay, show us this cuteness that you bought the midgets.
me: Okay! Ailani, come here! You'll like this, I got you a sailor suit and some new hair!
Ailani: Oooooh, lookit! Now my hair matches yours! Cool!
me: Well, yes, but my braids are longer. However, you're much cuter!
Ailani: *giggles*

Ailani: YAY!

me: Okay, now lets put Lotus in her new yellow bunny dress. Help me out here, Ailani, it is a bit hard to dress her because she kicks in her sleep...

Kalila: Yes, yes, okay, I agree that they look like cuteness personified. They're so cute that my teeth ache. But what about the MSD-sized shirt!?
me: Right. Er, come here Olwyn!
Kalila: Hey! Why does she get to wear it!?
Olwyn: *smug* Because I'm cooler than you, that's why!
me: That's not very nice, Olwyn. And, well, er... you're just so tightly strung, Kalila! I can't take your head off! It's pretty easy to take Olwyn's head off, but you're a bit of a problem. Sorry.
Kalila: Yeah, it's easier to take her head off because she's an airhead! *pouts*
Olwyn: Whatever, four-eyes.
Kalila: Piss off, you no-nose freak!
me: GIRLS! Be nice or I'll only buy stuff for Clover in the future! Now, lets change your clothes...

me: Awwwww! *melts*

me: I'm sorry I didn't get anything for you, Ellette, but there was nothing to be found there.
Ellette: that's okay

me: There, you all look utterly cool. Friends again?
Kalila: ...sure.
Olwyn: *rolls eyes* Yep.
Clover: *smiles serenely*

So yes, good times!

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