The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

my crappy day is over, now i go to bed

My day wasn't entirely crappy.

I believe that I have become good friends with my manager. Keiko is nice and funny and too overworked and she sat through me showing her lots of pictures of my dolls and she gave me donuts and yes, I like her. Yay!

Anyway, today. SCHIZO-WEATHER DAY, OMG! Walking to the train station on my way to work was lovely. There was a nice, cool but not cold breeze and the sun was shinning and I strolled along feeling all was right with the world. So I get on the train and once I reach my station I get off... and its raining. RAINING. Seriously, wtf? Okay, whatever, rain, my work is right next to the station, so all is well. After I clock in, I decide to pop over to the post office before class to mail out some stuff. I grab an umbrella and head out and... it's not raining. It is sunny again, in fact. It looks like it hadn't been raining at all! And the rain was less than half an hour before!!! Well, I also his the 100 yen shop, because that is always good, and I decide to indulge myself at the Shoppy Plaza (heheheh, its the name of a grocery store and I giggle every time I see it) and I buy lemon tea, bananas, and chocolate cake, yay! Then it is back to school with me! I have cake!

Class time. Thursday is my freakishly long children's class of DOOM! (It is twenty minutes longer than other children's classes because of an insane contract that one of the kids has because of a previous manager.) This class is hard, not just because the kids are young, but also because one of them is fucking nuts. This little girl is violently aggressive and very physical. I regularly leave this class with bruises, but today she hit me so hard that I actually saw stars. (I always thought that was just an expression or something out of a funny cartoon, but no.) I don't think she really meant it to be that bad, and it was only because of the angle of the hit that made it bad, but GEEZ! My jaw STILL hurts -- I'm going to have to take a whole bunch of painkillers if I am to sleep. And the worst part? I couldn't eat my wonderful, delicious cake (or the hard, juicy apple that I brought for lunch) because my jaw hurt! *pouts*

Anyway, before the next class we're going to be going over the rules posted in the lobby, one of which is NO HITTING (we also need to go over the NO KICKING bit and the DON'T TURN OFF THE LIGHTS bit and the NO SCREAMING bit and the NO TRYING TO CLIMB UP THE TEACHER bit and the DO NOT SIT ON YOUR CLASSMATES bit and so forth and so on). This girl is freaking violent and it needs to stop.

Ahh, but like I said, it wasn't all bad. I finished my Star Trek novel between classes today and my last class was cancelled so I got to go home early.

But on my way home, the schizo-weather hit again. I got on the train and when I got off at my home station it was SNOWING. SNOWING!!! Geez. But I just had two cups of honey lemon tea and now I'm all relaxed from the painkillers and yes, beddy-bye time!

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