The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

money and sakura

It's quite startling how fast I can go through money, all told. Today I forked over some ¥50,000 of it for various things. ¥40,000 went towards all the arrangements for the two nights inkwraith and I will be staying in Tokyo next month, and the other ¥10,000 went towards lovely fun things from Sanrio, a new book to read from Kinokuniya (Star Trek, of course, although their sci-fi collection in English is woefully lacking -- inkwraith, I'm totally going to make you bring me stuff to read), and groceries for the week. The Sanrio stuff included an Ellette-sized box of Hello Kitty chocolates and a lunchbox and other cute dollish accessories that make me squee. Also, cute things just for me were bought, too, like a pencil case (yes, I already have one, but, but, but...) and Punk Hello Kitty stationary and Gothic Lolita Hello Kitty stationary and bee!Hello Kitty in the clover notepads that are all to-die-for cute. Yes. withinity and I both went a little starry-eyed in the Sanrio store. So much fun! So worth it. ^__^

Fortunately, I get paid pretty well.

Tomorrow, I am going to Kyoto with Jenny look at the pretty cherry blossoms (a traditional hanami, if you will) and just admire the prettiness. I've been admiring it all week, as seen on my walk to the station and on the train ride to work. I totally understand why eveyone is so enamored of this time. The very fleetingness of the beauty makes it all the more poignant, too. Also? Good excuse to get drunk.

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