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I learned yesterday that my school is closing down in December. Um, yes. So. I will be transferred to some other school. Anywhere in Japan. Um. Yeah. Just... sucks. Yeah. I really like Osaka (except for the atrocious weather, but I'm reliably informed that the weather in all of Japan pretty much sucks, so whatever) and my friends are here. The thing that gets me is... why? We're doing really well -- we're one of the few schools actually making our renewals and new sign-ups quotas, we have a really good location (even if it is in a somewhat seedy neighborhood) and we're a firmly established school. So why? Wah!!! *pouts* Anyway, I won't even know where I will be transferred to until right before I have to go. :-(

In more happy news, I got a letter from torrye. YAY! Thanks! *huggles*

Also, ohani, my students continue to enjoy the doll pictures that you sent. ^_^

There is an evil, blood-sucking fiend loose in my apartment. Yeah, a mosquito. I am... a particularly tasty treat for this type of fiend and I am also particularly allergic to them. When I'm bitten, the welts swell to the size of a quail egg. It's quite horrible. I've tried repeatedly to kill this sucker, but no go. I lose it and then it bites me again. GRR.

My cold may or may not be getting better -- I can't tell.

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