The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

It's a nice day.

This week I've read my way through a cartload of the novels I bought in Kobe last weekend. I need to pace myself, I think -- I don't want to run out too soon! Also, I need to stop reading book one of a series when I don't have the rest of the series on hand to finish. Bah.

Yesterday I went to Tenshi no Sato with withinity. OMG, so cool!!!! Seriously. inkwraith, you know how you were saying that the Osaka Sumika is the Volks mothership? Nope! Sato is 100 times cooler! Wow. Um, anyway. It's in a more rural area of Japan than I'm used to (Arashiyama isn't all that rural, since it's a big tourist area, but yeah, still) and we would totally have never found it without the photoguide on Cassiel's website. The park is absolutely gorgeous. The FCS area is too cool! And the store had EVERYTHING in stock. Like, whoa! I got Ailani a new pair of angel wings!!! SO COOL. Ordering the FCS doll for a certain someone (heyla, You-Know-Who, is it okay to talk about your doll or do you want to keep it a secret for awhile?) was actually pretty easy, for the most part. Oh, and hey, silensy, I bought Justin THE perfect outfit for him. It's kinda punk, it's kinda cool, but it's ALL dorky (PS: You don't get the clothes until you post pics of your dolls, missy!!!). Heh. Man, after being there I REALLY want to order my own doll now. Maybe...

Today had been pretty nice. I've just been buming around, doing chores and reading fanfic. It's nice to have a relaxing day. It's pretty hot, so I got some ice cream and indulged myself. I still have my cold but I think that it is getting better.

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