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sweets for the sweet

One of my students today said that he really liked See's Candy. Mmmmmmmm.... See's....

Uh, I really like it, too, obviously. My favorites are the little truffle boxes. Yum yum!

It's fairly hit and miss here in the sweets department. "Traditional" Japanese sweets are. Well. They suck. No, I'm serious, they're BAD. Gross. Flavor, texture, consistency, just about everything about them is off-putting. I guess they're one of those things that you really have to grow up on to enjoy. However. On the other end of the spectrum? Japan has some truly AMAZING sweets. They take it and raise the art of dessert to a height I have never seen before. Cakes of OMG-SO-GOOD are totally commonplace and the bakeries here are just WOW. Wow. Chocolate is pretty good (not my favorite -- I have a fondness for the lighter chocolates and the milk chocolate here is darker and has a higher amount of actual real cocoa in it than I'm used to) but it is the breads and cakes and stuff that have me hooked.

But all of that pales in light of this new sweet that I have found: Muskmelon Popsicles!

They're so wonderfully good!! OMG, yes! They are nice and small and cool and refreshing and have a lovely, subtle flavor. Even the popsicle sticks are nifty.

I remember getting some muskmelon hard candy from an import store in the US once and really really enjoying them. It's odd that I like this flavor so much as a sweet or candy when I think that cantelope is only okay. On the other hand.... I haven't tried any Japanese cantelopes yet. Maybe they are different than the varieties sold in the US? I must pick one up on my next shopping trip. I may have to feed this addiction. ^__^

In non-sweets news, today I perfected my tuna sandwich making technique. One can of tuna mixed with a bag of sliced mushrooms and a finely chopped Japanese pickle and a liberal dollop of mustard. Spread on a thick piece of toasted white bread. Add a slice of processed white cheese-stuff and several leaves of lettuce before smushing on the other piece of bread. Then break your jaw trying to consume this while happily reading a Tolkien book in between classes. Okay, that last part isn't really necessary, but the rest is good. Mmmm. Yum.

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