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the lust for new, shiny things....

Anyway, tomorrow, or possibly Monday (depends on how I feel) I'm going into Umeda and buying a shiny thingee. Yay! I want a teeny tiny .mp3 player and DUDE are there a lot to choose from, many of them only out here and nowhere else so there are no reviews of them that I can read. I'm going to try and get the SanDisk SDMX1-1024R, although something else shiny may tackle me and demand that I buy it... but I like the idea of AAA batteries rather than the usual type of weird, type-specific batteries that most of these things come with. It's also cheaper than a lot of them. I might also try and pick up some rechargeable AA batteries, which I use to run my wireless mouse and my bigger camera.

ohani, have you seen Doppel Asha? I keep wondering what this doll would look like with Lycoris. The whole ear thing is just too cool.
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