The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Did I mention the humidity...?

Nice things:
-Shopping and cake with withinity yesterday.
-Talking to my mum and Mark through Skype today.
-No rain today so I could air the futon and do laundry.
-Two letters from ohani, including fun optical illusions and some kick-ass pics of Sakiryl.
-A letter from mayuka14 that was really nice.
-A letter from inkwraith on really cute stationary.
-A box of drugs from my mum and Mark for when next I get sick.
-A Dollmore coffin carrying-case for Divya (and others -- it's roomy).
-My new .mp3 player.
-Rice with chicken.
-Watching TV and reading fanfic all day.
-My dolls.
-Taking pictures of my dolls.
-My friends and family, *huggles*.

Not nice things:
-The season finale of Supernatural.
-Having to go out to dinner with my students.
-The pain in my mum's knee.
-The pain in my knee.
-The pain-in-the-ass that is my hair and how it sheds EVERYWHERE.
-Missing friends and family.

I love Japan quite a bit, however, the weather totally sucks. Even Mississippi wasn't this bad (I think -- my memories of childhood are a bit hazy... hell, my memories of last week are a bit hazy...).

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