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Cool things found on my friends list.

In some ways, this here clip of a singing Picard is like a geeky nirvana. It's so so so camp and meta and yes. LOVES ME MY SINGING CAPTAIN PICARD!!!!!


This is just damn pretty. I love having such impressively artistic people on my friends list because then I can look at all the pretties, however, it also makes me depressed because I don't seem to have any creative edge anymore. *emo sigh*

Marvel Babies!!!!!!! Um, yes. Babies. Superhero babies. Yes, it's totally been done before, but it's still cute and it never gets old.

You know, ther internet really provides for my entertainment. Seriously. I mean, it almost makes up for the fact that my students come to class sick and so I get sick a lot and for the fact that I may expire from the overwhelming humidity.

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