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My manager is so cute. She spends most of her days at work alternating between shredding old student files and playing around with Google Earth. I mean, she does do her job and all, but she REALLY loves that shredder and Google Earth seems to be her current addiction.


One of my kid's classes imploded today. After the class I told two of the moms to ask their children to stop insulting and hitting each other. Then the moms got into a knock-down-drag-out screaming match about their little angels. *rolls eyes* OMG, I was so so so SO sorry that I'd said anything! Sheesh. Man. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that one of them is going to move her kid into the other NET's class. Unfortunately, it's the kid I liked, not the one I really wish would leave. Oh well...

I had to go to the birthday/drinking party of one of my students after work today. It wasn't, like, bad or anything, I just dislike extensive interaction with my studnets outside of class -- it's like working without getting paid. And I'm not really a bar type of girl (I have seen more bars in the 6 months I've been in Japan than I ever saw in the US). And now I smell like smoke. Ugh. Unfortunately, I have to do this again after class on Saturday for even longer with two of my male students. They whined at me that their previous teachers had gone out with them and that I was really hard to pin down, so I gave in and said yes to dinner. *sighs*

Remember the hot, young guy who likes Paris Hilton that I mentioned awhile back? The one who speaks as much English as I speak Japanese (so communication is therefore really really difficult)? Well... I'm not sure, but I might have agreed to watch all of Lord of the Rings with him sometime. Oh, and the leather pants otaku guy wants to take me to a baseball game. I'm totally down with the baseball thing because I'd really love to see a game here, but going to hot guy's house to watch movies for ten hours....? Um. No.

Okay, it's 1am, I should go to sleep now.

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