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This is me being random and hyper.

Ack, ack, I ate too much okonomiyaki! And then I had chocolate cake. *groans*

I am building a popsicle stick spiral of DOOM. Mwahahahahahahahahaha~!

I have done nothing productive all day, heh. Well, okay, I did laundry, but whatever.

You know what I want? I want more of those mini Hello Kitty bento boxes and candies and food for Ellette. Like these. But now I can't find them. *pouts*

Yay, I got a letter from inkwraith and a postcard from ohani! *twirls*

You know what else I want? Disgaea. Because it is cute. I don't care if it's a fun game or not, the characters are adorable and that is all that matters. But, you know, not having a PlayStation, I guess I don't really need this game. silensy, YOU need this game. Yes.

I have a Kitty-chan cellphone strap where she is dressed in a blue aardvark (I think...?) costume and riding a surfboard. *manaical grin* It came with my tea.

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