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Also, does anyone I know have the song "Wir Tanzen Lambada" by Andrea Jurgens? I would really like a copy, if so. I can't even buy the CD as it has been on backorder for years, sigh.

Yesterday, despite the weather forecast persistantly saying that it was going to be only partly cloudy, there was a HUGE thunder storm here in Osaka. There were multiple lightening strikes in the area of my work, several stikes a minute for about an hour. Like, whoa. Never seen that kind of storm before! In L.A., we get lightening what, maybe every three or four years? And then it is only a little bit, not like this! It was cool. My manager and I ordered delivery obento for lunch, since it was too scary to go outside. I felt a little guilty though --- the poor guy was soaked! However, there is some hope about the weather. When I was walking home last night at about 10:30pm, the temperature was actually slightly below normal body heat! Not cool, exactly, but not sweltering! Yay! One of my students said that summer would be over in another few weeks. One can only hope...

And finally, many of the evil blight that are cicadas seem to have died and thus the racket is gone. Yippee~!
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