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The State of Me

I have been restless all day, unable to concentrate on anything for any length of time. I did manage to clean my apartment a bit, though -- did laundry, aired the futon, vacuumed, etc. But I only did it in, like, spurts. And I can't concentrate to read. Bleh.

But! I did manage to make another animation, this one with multiple dolls AND sound. So. Here it is:

Tell me what you think of it, please!

Yesterday, withinity and I went to I-Doll, which was WAY COOL. It's sort of like Dolpa, but without the overwhelming sense of VOLKS-ness and with many different types of dolls. I spent money, heheheheheh. I got the green outfit Lotus is wearing in the new movie there.

Saturday night there was a party. One of the waiters at the izakaya spilled a tray of drinks on me. Um. Yeah. Ick.

My mum sent me a box. She is SUCH A GEEK, OMG! She went to WorldCon in L.A. last weekend and aparently decided to send me every flyer she could get her hands on from there. Also, random magazines. Oh, and chocolate-covered cashews, yummy. But seriously, she sent me a box of utterly nerdy, totally geektastic convention handouts! I LOVE MY MUM SO MUCH! *giggles*

I am hyped with nervous tension. I don't know what's wrong with me today -- I have the attention span of a gnat. Ugh.

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