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Christmas, Christmas time is here....

So, the family all goes over to moms for Christmas (minus Len because he and Janie fought and minus Karen because she's sick). We eat (STUFFED! - ham, goose, turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, pistacio and cherry dressing, bread, cake, pie, candy, salid, fruit salid, et cetera). We open presents. Matt and I debate comics and then I show him my new game, Alice, and then we talk more about RPGs. I'm going to see "Lord of the Rings" with him tomorrow, Christmas day. Mark, Matt, Don, and nephew play with the new Playstation game Don gave Mark (Twisted Metal: Small Brawl). We eat some more. Mom reads stories to nephew and neice while I let Don read my newest short story ("Sharp Things"). Casey, Matt, and I comiserate on how weird our mothers are.

I had a really nice time. Sure, there was the usual holiday preparation panic with my mom, but Janie didn't go off into any MAJOR rants about religion, and there was no screaming match. (Oh, and yesterday I finally got the Hell-Whore to give me dads phone number in Mississippi so I called him to wish him the best.)

And now, the presents:
I got:
"MARVEL: The Characters and Their Universe" by Michael Mallory
"The Mists of Avalon" DVD
"Bananna Fish" by Akimi Yoshida, Volume 1
"The Vampire Gallery" by J. Gordon Melton
another book on origami
a blank diary
a snake ring
a new scanner for my computer

I gave:
"The Glass Mask" 1-4 and a book to cousin
"The Watchmen" trade paperback to Matt, plus "Origin" comics
about 25 issues of "Daredevil" and related titles to Janie
a basket of food from Trader Joe's to grandma
a shawl
DVD of "The South Park Movie" to Mark
gift cards to Boarders
gift card to Target, plus a bowl to sisty-ugler
a book to Don

I totally made out. Everyone had fun. Merry Christmas!

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