The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

To name a doll. To make a doll movie. These are the subjects of this post.

The sleeping elf Shiwoo head that I bought from mechamel and which was modded and painted by onegreyelephant needs a name. And, you know, a body and some eyes (he already has a nifty wig, courtesy of the aforementioned Person of Ultimate Awesomeness, onegreyelephant), but yes, name. Suggestions?

Poll #829671 Help me name my new doll, pretty please?

Should I name him now, or wait until he has eyes and a body and clothes and such to get a feel for his personality?

He needs a name.
No, you should wait and see.
No, but you should have a list of favorites ready for when the time is right.
Name him already, you silly freak, he's just a doll!
Dolls are scary and weird and I don't really care.

Give me a suggestion (or ten) for a name for my cool new doll (head).

In other news, I started, but did not finish, making another stop-motion doll animation today. I've gotten a little ambitious with this one and it will take longer than the others. It will be 2 minutes, 27 seconds long, which means that at 5 pictures per second, I need to take 735 pictures, or thereabouts. Today, I took 350. I will do more later... possibly next weekend. It took most of the way through The Return of the King to take those. I stopped when my light ran out (the sun set).

Anywho. Here are some preview pics from the new animation (which I will post as soon as it is done).

I am very, very fond of Divya. She's so pretty! And I think I am wholly converted to the ways of fur and mohair wigs. They're nifty-keen!

This is not from the animation. Here, Divya is lounging on the ladder up to my futon loft. You can see my spiffy blue and yellow plaid grocery shopping bag on the left and the edges of the many letters and postcards my friends have sent me stuck to the wall on the right.

Again, not from the animation. My doll family! There is Divya, with nameless just-a-head in her lap. The elf girl in the straw hat is Clover, and the wee pooka in her lap is Ellette. Olwyn is standing and Lotus is standing in front of her, clutching her teddy bear. Ailani is the cute little angel waving at the camera. And that is Kalila on the far right (yes, she is a girl).

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