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The NBC website is being a poopyhead and won't load on my computer, boo.

On Friday, October 13th, I am heading to the Kansai head office for extra training. I take this as a sign of bad luck... but for who? My students? Poor them. My trainers? Bwahahahahahah, poor them! For me? What hey, it's basically a day off from the normal routine (although I'll have to dress to code for once and wear a skirt and makeup). We shall see, we shall see.

I got a postcard and a letter from ohani and a letter from oshunanat! Thank you both! *pokes people* I gave y'all 50 letters to send to me and so far, nine months into this gig, I've only received 18. Well, 18 of the cloudy, pre-addressed, stamped envelops -- I have received many unique letters and postcards, too, of course. Thanks for that, my lovelies. *huggles y'all* But I want more! So, like, send me letters and stuff, people.

Leopalace Harada #313
1-14-32 Haradanaka
Toyonaka, Osaka-fu

This week I have initiated Project: Color in a Huge Friggin' Map. It's awesome! I've been pestering my students about all of the countries they've been to and I'm putting their names on the map and coloring in the countries. I have a student who has been to New Caledonia! DUDE! (How much do I want to go to Baie des Tortues? SO VERY MUCH, OMG.) Most of Africa is un-colored-in, so far, but I have a student going on safari next spring, so that'll put some color there. Eastern Europe is pretty empty of color, too. But Maldives! Is colored! (A smashing shade of orange, if I do say so myself.) (And yet, no one has apparently been to New Zealand, to which I say, huh?)

Yeah, um, that's what I do in-between chatting students up about their travel dreams and trying to sell them on the benefits of traveling the world and going on homestays and stuff. Yes. I color stuff. Like maps. And printed out coloring pages of superheroes...

OMG, I should be asleep, it's almost 2am!! *dies*

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