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Fucking bikers revving their engines and drag racing on the expressway next to my apartment. (They do this about once a month, always on a Thursday night for some reason.) Grr.

But that is not why I am awake at 4am. I am awake because I am sick and it SUCKS! I've had a fever all day, but now it is worse. Headache, coughing, stuffed up nose, muscle cramps, the works. Plus, I think I ate something that disagreed with me yesterday, too, because I also have gas. Yeah, yeah, too much information, but the old adage about sharing your pain might work, right?

By my last class yesterday, I'd just about lost my voice.

There is also a mosquito loose in my apartment and it has already bitten me several times. I am like mosquito candy. They friggin' LOVE me. Plus, I am really allergic to mosquito bites so I get these insane welts that balloon up on my skin and itch like mad and turn red and white and UGH. HATE.

Oh, and I have a training meeting today at head office. Spectacular, eh? *kills self*

I just took some meds (burning my tongue while at it, of course), so maybe I will be able to sleep now. If the bikers would just stop already!!! *STABS*

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