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The Status of Life in Cloudieland

I bought my plane ticket home today. My first class was cancelled so I had some unexpected free time and I bolted. Went to Umeda and found H.I.S. (which is the travel agency that I came here with originally), but they didn't feel confident using their English skills and I certainly didn't feel confident using my Japanese skills, so they sent me over to No.1 Travel, where I booked and paid for my ticket. I couldn't find the place at first, even with the map they gave me, but then a kindly, random old guy helped me out. *huggles friendly Japanese man* The final total for my ticket -- including the fuel surcharge, US airport tax, and Kansai airport tax -- came to 72,650 en, which is a WAY better price than anything I could find though online travel agencies. Rock!

Departure Date: January 12, 2007
Departure Time: 16:55
Ticket Pick Up Time: 14:55

United Airlines UA886 - Kansai International to Los Angeles International, via San Francisco (where I think I change planes).

Arrival Date: January 12, 2007
Arrival Time: 12:28 (before I left! Hehehehehe.)

So... 71 days. Approximately 10 weeks. Duuuuude.

Yes. Anyway, because tomorrow is a national holiday, most of my students decided to be total slackers today. I had a grand total of 3 students all day, and all of them got private lessons because their classmates cancelled or just failed to show up. And I get Friday off, yay!!!

Makes up a bit for having to work on my day off last Sunday. It was the Halloween party at my school. It wasn't bad, all told. A half a dozen kids and their parents (I have many, many more young students than that, but most had other things planned) showed up. I made a giant spider web in the kid's classroom and they had to go into the darkness of the spider's den and rescue the poor, trapped (and nummy) koalas. I made a pinata, which they destroyed quite handily, and we played pin-the-tail-on-the-black-cat and there was coloring and ghost hunting and wrapping of parents in toilet paper and, of course, trick-or-treating from classroom to classroom. Anyway, I think it was successful because I only had to work 4 hours (and I was even paid for 2 of those hours!).

Monday was more fun. withinity came over to play dolls and talk and eat cake and watch random shows on my computer. It was very nice. I miss having friends come over just to hang out. It's just not a common thing here because the homes are so cramped. People go out when they want to have fun, but sometimes I just want to relax with friends in the comfort of a private space. Yeah. Anywho, I shall, perhaps, post pics from the cake&doll party sometime. Maybe.

I finished watching Young Americans (pimped by the most excellent jmtorres) and went in search of fanfic. It is ALL BAD, OMG. Like, whoa. Totally bad. Really, really, REALLY bad fanfic in this (tiny) fandom. Anyway, if there are any good stories, I didn't find them, and I don't think I want to further scar my eyes by looking anymore.

Speaking of TV shows, I have become something of a crack dealer at my work. I keep talking about shows with my students and co-workers and they ask where I saw them and I have to confess my less-than-legal internet activities and then I somehow end up promising to burn copies. How does this always happen to me? (And I'm really wondering what Mayumi will make of Hiro from Heroes. She tends to, um, rant about stereotypes of Japanese people in Western media, to which I say that it is only fair, given the stereotypes of Westerners in Japanese media.)

I'm going to the Takarazuka Review on the 12th and Universal Studios on the 13th of this month and Disneyland and Disney Sea roundabouts Christmastime next month. So cool!

The season is changing here. It's gotten cold. I pulled out my second summer comforter for my futon, but I may just have to bite the bullet and get out the winter comforter. I've already switched the air from cool to heat, although I don't quite need it yet. The temperatures have been getting down to 6 degrees at night. I'm actually wearing my coat while typing this.

I want to go to Thailand. I thought about doing Thailand before going home in January, but decided that I needed a rest and reorganization break before doing that. I'm seriously itching to travel more than ever after being here. My students come back from awesome sounding vacations to taunt me with their pictures of stories of coolness. The textbooks that I teach push the joys of traveling constantly. There is so much WORLD out there to explore! I want to go to Borneo and India and Australia and the Maldives and Saipan and Jejudo and New Zealand and Madagascar and Greece and Turkey and seriously all of Europe and Russia and Peru and Chile and South Africa and Brazil and Costa Rica and Egypt and Morocco (speaking of which, on Halloween day I received two postcards from my mom, dated a week apart -- one from Casablanca and one from Marrakesh) and Antartica and yeah. Everywhere. (Have you all seen Where the Hell is Matt? If not, click the link and be inspired to go places.)

I'm not really an adventurous person, though, so I don't know if I'll ever get off my butt and do something about wanting to travel. *sigh* Maybe...

Ahhhh, it's 1:30am on a Thursday night/Friday morn... and so, of course, the motorcycle drag racers are out racing on the expressway in front of my apartment building. That's okay, though, because YAY, NATIONAL HOLIDAY, YAY YAY YAY!! Day off from work, yippee!!! *ahem* Sorry.

Perhaps I shall try my hand at making another stop-motion movie. Hmmm.

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