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I am loved.

I am all warm and snuggly because this morning I got a HUGE box full of warm, snuggly joy. *huggles ohani* Wow, you rock so much!! I don't care what you say, I'm totally bring this orange fuzzy shirt home with me because it is so extremely snuggly. Today I wore the blue scarf you sent to me home from work and it, too, was snuggly and kept me warm. I shall wear the pink one and the green one, too. Yay, snuggly!!! Also, mmmmm, apple cider... I have a feeling I'm going to be drinking it all up too fast. I've already finished two packets. I shall have to ration myself. And yay, OWLY!!! I love Owly. It is the cutest, snuggliest comic EVER. Also, wow, silensy, ohani, you two have awesome taste in art! It is so pretty!!! I love it!!! *beams*

In less happy news, I am sick. It came on suddenly yesterday afternoon and now my nose is stuffed up and my head aches and I didn't sleep well at all, at all last night and it sucks. I hate being sick. But, I have the cold medicine mummy sent me some time back and now I also have warm snuggly comforts to keep me feeling cherished, so all will be well.

Also, also, my weekend was quite spiffy, because I spent a loooooooong time on Sunday talking to inkwraith through Skype and that does more to lift the wintergloomies than just about anything, let me tell you! And on Monday I talked with inkwraith AGAIN, but this time with silensy and ohani and mummy and Mark, too! Oh, and Angel, too. She burped at me. Yay, conversations with friends!!! *huggles friends and family*

Also, also, I got an e-mail from Breeann! She is not dead! Huzzah! I e-mailed back and also sent her a letter and my nefarious plan is to innundate her with correspondance so she will not be able to ignore me, heheheheheh. Thus, I must go buy more postcards and cute stationery and stuff. Yes.

I have cut up my socks that had holes in the toes and heels and made nifty armwarmers out of them. I wore a pair of them today and was quite pleased. Yay, nifty armwarmers!!! However, now I have fewer socks. This, like last year, is my request for Christmas presents, for whoever wants to get me Christmas presents: knee-high socks with funky patterns on them. Knee-high socks are love. Actually, I really must hit one of the designer socks stores in Shinsaibashi or Namba sometime and buy up some expensive, designer socks. The Japanese really know how to do socks, let me tell you!

I have Thursday off this week, yay! It is Labor Day, but for me it will still be Thanksgiving, even in the wrong hemisphere. I am thankfull for all of my friends and family and all of the love they show me and yes. *huggles you all*

And now I must take some powerful medicine and attmept to go to sleep. Good night!

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