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The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

EEEEEEEEEE!!!!! SO PRETTY!!!! (Hint: Scroll down, my set is post #12.) I had her ship it home, so I won't get to see it for another MONTH, OMG!!! Someone absolutely MUST go over to my house and dress up Jaya in that, okay? It's not for her, it's for Pearl, but whatever. SO PRETTY.

Rosehip & Hibiscus Flower Herb Tea is kinda disappointing. Oh well, I still have my Honey & Orange Milfull Mix! Mmm, yummy.

Oh, wow, it's almost 2am, I should go to sleep.


Work sucks. A lot. I had to start telling students that I'm leaving today, but my company is forcing me to lie to them about my reasons. My manager also says that if I don't manage to make 150SM (which is, like, a LOT of money) by the 16th then I don't get my vacation. What-the-fuck-ever, I'm taking it no matter what.

Also, I wasn't able to buy Disneyland tickets at the travel agency, bah! withinity, would you mind asking at the one close to you if they sell the tickets? If they do, I can buy them when I come out to borrow your stringing tool (and etc... check your cell messages). But yay, concert tickets! I'm glad something went right.

Monday was nice, even though Tuesday sucked. On Monday I spent several hours on Skype with my mum and Mark (and Angel) and inkwraith. And then I put on Return of the King and cleaned my apartment and painted dolls. I painted the two Obitsu heads and the Mini Dollfie head that I've had floating around (and terrifying Lotus) for months now. I'm not that good at it, but they didn't turn out TOO bad.

My gang of 1/6thish dolls. On the far left in the cowboy hat you can see Mora, who is still totally my favorite. Lounging indolently on the rung of the ladder is The Countess (painted by inkwraith. The demon girl is... un-named, at the moment, but she is one of the ones I painted. The head next to her is a Volks Custom Figure Kit option head that is usually on that body. The pink haired thing in the red boots is my completed CFK (I'm not fond). The sweet-looking farmgirl is also un-named, but I'm leaning towards Sally. Cass is in there, all dressed up for Christmas. The kinda-cheerleader chick is also un-named. And the silver, blue-haired, gem-eyed girl is Mirra, as seen in this icon.

Close-up of Sally. Not a good job, but still a bit cute, I think.

Cheerleader type with big boobs. I like the clueless look on her face. Again, not great painting, but passable.

Demon girl, who I like the best. She looks kinda Asian.

And I also took Cass into work today and fiddled around with her just because.

Here she is helping me plan my lesson schedule for the week.

And here she is wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

You know, I really get a lot done when I'm watching Lord of the Rings... Weird.

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