The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Today makes it exactly one month until I go home.

Had a good weekend. Sunday was shopping and tea with withinity. Bought Dolpa 16 guidebooks for silensy and myself (Less than two weeks until she gets here, YAY!). Bought Christmas gifts for mechamel and ohani (Sorry, no one is getting Christmas gifts from me until AFTER I get back.). Bought lots of silly Sanrio stuff and Re-Mint miniatures for myself, along with some doll clothes (It's an addiction.). Monday I stayed home and had long Skype conversations with inkwraith and my mum and Mark. When asked about the golf tees, my mum asserted that people play golf a lot in Japan, therefore I needed to have the. Or, like, I could use them in an art project. There were some other silly explainations, but none that actually made sense, so again I have to assume that my mum is the most random person ever. Anyway, after the conversations, I spent some time putting the Soom body together. It was fun!! The legs were easy, but the arms were hard. I couldn't get the elastic knot to fit through the arm hole, so in the end I ended up unstringing the leges and tying the knot inside the body itself and THEN putting all of the limbs on. I actually strung the body using Patience's head first, but then the boob thing got to me and I had to switch it out for Pearl's head and OMG. SHE IS SO PRETTY!!! Sorry. Just... yeah.

Is she not fabulously pretty!?! I am completely, incredibly in love with the Nanuri headmold, OMG. Like, seriously, I am considering revising my opinion that Sharmin and Lishe are the prettiest, because wow, I LOVE NANURI LIKE WHOA. Every time I see a Nanuri head I want it. The eye shape, the overbite, the smile, the long face, the cute nose, the jawline = LOVE. *ahem* Anyway, yes, look at Pearl! She is pretty.

Okay, and here, have a picture of one of my other pretty, pretty Nanuris. Vi is also love.

Here they are with Divya (a Choa), also one of the prettiest dolls. Aren't my dolls wonderful?!?! Yes.

Okay, some more of Pearl (although you can see Griffon in the background of this one).


PS: I'm sorry, inkwraith, I haven't updated my profiles yet. Eventually! Really! Um, I was distracted by pretty dolls and insane SGA fanfic, forgive me...

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