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My life as a traveling punk rock roadie:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, cloudtrader sent to me...
Twelve snakes drumming
Eleven webcomics reading
Ten deities a-storytelling
Nine comics nightwing
Eight mutants a-costuming
Seven superheroes a-writing
Six elves a-cloud-watching
Five ma-a-a-arvel comics
Four warren ellis
Three japanese snacks
Two paradise kiss
...and a jla in an angel sanctuary.
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Whoa. This new user update page is... different. I don't like different, on the whole. Change = bad for me, mostly. However, I'm sure I'll get used to it. Meh.

I watched the latest SGA!!! It is the first episode I've watched since early season 2! OMG, I am so far behind!!! This is why I stop watching shows, you know. I get busy and then I get behind and I just never catch up. However. I have given myself permission to view the episodes of SGA in a completely random order (ie - click on random .avi file whose contents I don't know, and if it is SGA I will watch it). This does mean that I do things like wonder why Sheppard apparently spent 6 months with Ancients trying to ascend... but whatever. I think that fanfic has told me enough, yeah? I can usually infer stuff. Spoilers? Whatever! I LIVE off of spoilers! For TV stuff anyway -- spoil a book for me and I will fuck you up, yo!

Anyway. I taught my last Thursday classes today. Due to my vacation time and the fact that my company was unwilling to let me teach one extra day over my contract, I will never work a Thursday for GEOS again. Yay? Awww, it was emotional and shit to say goodbye! Well, with Hirokazu E., my most frustrating student, I practically danced with glee when the elevator closed, but yeah. I will miss Mizuki (but not really Hinano, her classmate), who is a sweet, happy, smart little girl. I will miss Hirokazu S. (who gave me an awesome farewell gift) and Eriko A. and Tetsunao and Hiroyuki K. and Takako N. and Takako O. and Naomi and... yes. Miss. Especially Takako O., who is one of my favorites. She is so totally NOT the stereotypical Japanese woman. She loud and friendly and fun. And she sings great karaoke! We shall be exchanging e-mails and postcards, hopefully.

Right now I am wearing awesome socks. They are grey and turquoise striped and knee-high and utterly nifty. They are one of three pairs that inkwraith sent to me (along with other goodies) and they make me happy. Why is it that socks make me happy? I dunno, I'm weird. Isn't there something in Harry Potter about socks making Dumbledore happy, too? Maybe I'm a powerful old wizard....

Okay, de PLANS: Friday, teach. Saturday, after class, karaoke with Koichi, Chris, Chiyuki, Mr. Fukui, Mr. Sonoda, and whoever else is coming. Um. Yeah. Sunday, hang out with withinity for a cake and doll party, possibly with added celebration of Space Day. Monday, go to dinner and Luminarie in Kobe with Jenny. Then, teach Tuesday and Wednesday, clean my apartment on Thursday, pick up silensy at KIX on Friday... then, PARTY DOWN AT DOLPA AND DISNEYLAND AND SIGHTSEEING AND SATO AND CONCERTS AND STUFF! Yes.

I kinda feel guilty about not doing any stop-motion movies lately. I have fans that I need to appease (ie - subscribers on YouTube), but there has just been no light! And I've been busy. I have plans and even scripts and I have been searching for the right music, but no filming yet. It will probably have to wait until I get back to LA, probably in February. Maybe. Could happen. I have lots of lovely props to use, though!

Okay, I will stop rambling and go to sleep now.

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