The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight


Am home safely, no worries.

Am tired.

Am probably going back to my old job, plus.

Am weirded out by Americans.

Am somewhat apathetic and melancholy at the moment.

Am throwing away stuff.

Am cleaning.

Tara's Welcome Home Party

If you are sleeping over, TELL ME NOW.

If you have pretty dolls, please bring them.

If you can, please bring food to share with everyone.

Attendees include Tara, mechamel, silensy, oshunanat, Breeann, inkwraith, ohani, torrye, mayuka13 + Guest, doll_paparazzi + Guest, april_art, etc. Have I missed anyone? Right now, my total is 13.

The doors open at 2pm, Saturday, January 20th. Do not come before then. You may come anytime after then.

I do not know how to entertain all of you, so it might behoove you to bring games. I know that there will be multiple rounds of Bomberman (silensy, please do not forget to bring an extra controller) and probably a really long game of Munchkin (I bought a new expansion pack! silensy, please do not forget to bring my deck).

There will be dolling, but not everyone coming is into the dolls.

People will be exchanging Christmas and birthday gifts, but please do not feel bad about not getting/giving gifts! (I like knee-high socks in funky patterns, if you want to get me something.)

I am getting rid of about 2/5ths of my book collection, plus other odds and ends. Friends coming to this party get first crack at everything. You have been warned.
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