The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

The Saga of the Second-hand Phone Number

I miss my Japanese phone, I do. Well, I still have it -- it's in my cabinet right now -- but it will not work with American services. I miss it's clicky opening/shutting. I miss it's BRIGHT BRIGHT SCREEN OF DOOM. I miss it's little purring buzz for a ring (no one ever has their phone on anything other than vibrate and silent in Japan because it's rude, unlike here... but I digress). I miss texting.

My current phone is white. It has a space for danglies (aka - BLING) and it has a camera and a bunch of games I don't play and a camera and a really hard to navigate menu system. Hell, I could navigate my JAPANESE keitai menu easier than I can work with this thing. Also, it's battery life is absolutely abysmal. My Japanese phone lasted over a week of constant use between recharges. My American phone is lucky to get three days. Meh.

Anyway, that's not what I was going to talk about. I was going to talk about Brett.

"Brett?" you may be asking yourself. "Who is this Brett person that Tara is talking about? I did not know that she knows one by the name of Brett."

Fact is that I don't. I can tell you lots about him, though!

Brett just got released from his enlistment and came home from Iraq. Upon coming home, his friends decided to hold a big party for him and Nick, his "best bro", got him a barrel of beer in celebration. (Makes me think of keggers... I wonder how old Brett is? Perhaps I shall find out one of these days.) Shortly after his party, Brett's old friend the Army called him up, after seeing his listing on Seems they missed him in Iraq, and they were kinda wondering if he wanted to go back. Now, based on further evidence (upon which I will expound shortly), I don't think Brett took them up on this offer.

Brett has/had a girlfriend named Tannie (seriously, what is Tannie short for? Titania? What?) who likes to text him... shall we say, interesting things about her private life (and her hygeine). Um. Also, Brett may currently be residing in New York, since his friends are going "riding" (horses? motorcycles?) there tomorrow and wanted to know if he'd like to come.

All I can say is... BRETT? TELL YOU'RE FRIENDS THAT YOU'VE CHANGED YOUR GODDAMN PHONE NUMBER!!!!! I seriously dislike being asked if I'm your wife.

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