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Just a bit obsessed with the game, really!

I think, that in the past two days (my days off this week, incidently), that I have played almost ten hours of LotROSoA.

This is not an addiction -- it's a calling. Um. Right. Erm. Disregard that last bit there. *ahem*

I'm going to go see all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies in a row with my sister the day before the new one comes out, yay! It's my birthday present. YAY! My sister rocks. (It'll be nice to see the second movie without the, you know, Japanese. And everyone in the theater should laugh at the same time as I do instead of a few seconds before or after...)

withinity!!!! You never write! Did you get the letters? The package? I MISS YOU!!! *huggles*

(I really need to work on my Minstrel skills. I think that I have playing a Hunter down, strategies and whatnot, but I keep letting people in my Minstrel's Fellowships be defeated -- or I die myself. That shouldn't happen! Must heal them! I suck.)

Four weeks in a row without a weekend day off is a total bummer.

torrye, when are we going to Disneyland again? Sometime in June, I recall. I need to know exactly when so I can request it off. Yay, Disneyland!

Comic-Con is coming up! Yippee! I don't really read comics that much anymore, but just the experience of the con itself is something to look forward to. And there are some comics I'd like to pick up, mainly trades from the nick-and-dent vendors. I wonder if there will be a doll meet-up at the con this year... I'll bring Ellette and pin her to my shirt every day. ^____^

I wonder if I can find yew on the road south of Weathertop...?

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