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I have taken a step backwards and, after almost 3 years, I have gone back to magazines. Yay? Well, ANYTHING is better than the cafe, so yes, yay.

It really has been awhile. At the end of my previous tenure in the newsstand, I never ever even looked at the magazines, really. Now I find myself being a bit captivated by some of them. I zoned through four sections today and was held in thrall by several science magazines (pretty pictures of stars!), a couple of art/photo magazines (pretty pictures of nature!), and one music magazine (pretty pictures of J-Rock bands! and yeah, wow, there is actually a magazine dedicated to J-Rock in English? weird... my world, it has changed in 3 years...).

Another thing I noticed was that a good half of all the magazines my store carries now are from the U.K. Why? I have no idea why. I suspect that it is the secret British way of taking over the U.S. Yes.

I seem to have retained the knack for handling magazines, anyway. Not a single papercut so far. I do miss the camaraderie of working with other people in the cafe, but there is something to be said for not actually having to communicate extensively with my co-workers and having two hours of complete silence to sort things in before the store opens, too.

Anyway, I'll only be working there for a few more weeks, so whatever. I'll look at the pretty pictures and avoid papercuts and all will be well. ^_^

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