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Rinse, lather, repeat.

I awoke this morning to the sound of the telephone ringing. I bolted out of bed to answer it, but Mark got it first and it turned out to be for him anyway. Ho hum. Then he made me (like it was hard!) watch the trailer for the Spider-Man movie that's coming out THE DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY! Yay! Cool, cool, SOOOO cool!!!

But I had odd and disturbing dreams last night. I was in an elevator with this woman and her six or so kids. It started rocking and falling, but it was kind of fun. Then a SWAT team evacuated us, but one of the lady's little boys was left behind in the elevator. I had to go back and rescue the kid, but it was too dangerous. Switch to the next dream, where me and these three guys are wrestling talking crocodiles. In the mud. I think one of the guys was Wolverine, because he had claws and one of them might have been MacGyver, but I'm not sure. We killed the first one, but I ran and hid in the garage before the second croc died. Weird, huh?

Tonight I went out to dinner at Coco's with tossblack and oshunanat. Then we went to the AMC to try and take in a movie, but there was nothing that we could agree on or was playing at the right time. So we went to an art house and saw a movie none of us had ever heard of before called "Happenstance" (or "Le Battement d'ailes du papillon"). It was okay. Afterward we were going to go to this one ice cream place, but it was closed, so we went to Rite-Aid for Thrifty's ice cream. Mmmm, chocolate malted crunch.... Then we walked to the Ralphs grocery store. Then we tried to go to the SaveOn, but it was closed, so we tried to go to a Blockbuster, but that was closed too, so we went to a Vons grocery store and frolicked in the toilet tissue aisle. It's practically a holiday tradition to go to the toilet paper aisle of some grocery store for Alseides and I (long story)! Then we went to another Rite-Aid to play with the toys. I bought 9 boxes of crayons, a Magic Eight Ball, some Play-Doh, some Goldfish crackers, and a chocolate orange to give away to people at the party tomorrow. Oshun bought boyband stuff. Then we drove around randomly until we saw another SaveOn, but it was closed too, so we went to ANOTHER Rite-Aid. We played with their toys. I contemplated getting more ice cream, but I didn't. We drove to the SeXXX World to see if it was open, but it wasn't. Then we went back to Oshun's house to watch the ball drop (not live, of course, since we're on the West Coast) and ring in the New Year.

It was certainly a... *different* New Year. But no dancing. :-( Well, okay, I did do a few jigs in various parking lots, but that doesn't count. Tomorrow (actually today), I'm going to a party at April's house. She said something about going out, so maybe I will get to dance.

Is it sacrilige to plan on sleeping through the Rose Parade? It's not like I'll miss anything; after all, they do repeat the danged thing on three different stations all day long. And last year it was boring.


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