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I felt like death warmed over when I got home today. We're in week... 5? 6? I think it's 6. Anyway, we're well into the school year and the pace is picking up and I have 120 essays and 40 worksheets to grade, a lesson plan to prepare for Thursday, Back-to-School night tomorrow, and a book to read, along with having to go to the school district office tomorrow morning at 7am before the 7:30 department meeting starts at the school and try to convince them to pay me. I might have to dash to the Social Security office between final bell and the parents showing up tomorrow to see if I can get whatever the problem is straightened out, too. TPA 3 is approaching at breakneck speed and I got 3 new students with Special Needs added to my 3rd period, which qualifies the class for a full-time aide, which is nice but also somehow extra stressful, since it's already the class with a dozen IEP/504s and nearly all are designated ELLs, too.

HOWEVER. When I finally got home (after running around getting a LiveScan and stopping by CSUN to get some paperwork), there was tea and pizza and Sherlock fanfic and I feel so much better now that I will tackle making that PowerPoint right after I finish writing it.

My moods are flipping at extra-superdooper speed from energetically cheerful to so tired and depressed that I can barely move off of the floor. Fortunately, the depressed moods tend to hit when I'm alone and at home, which allows me some leeway in my behaviors. On the other hand, it makes me not want to do something that I genuinely enjoy (play LotRO) because then I'd have to interact with other people. My work-around for this is just not talking in vent and abdicating all raid-leadership responsibilities to others. I'm pretty sure it's just the stress and hopefully I'll feel better once Christmas is over and done with. Maybe.

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