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Thanks to the fic of the awesome author basingstoke, I somehow find myself obsessed with a television series called Sherlock. Yes, that's as in SHERLOCK HOLMES, except updated to the modern era and incredibly awesome in all new ways.

Now, I shall pimp this series to my friends list. Just know this... I don't, actually, watch much tv. I prefer my entertainments in a textual or interactive format, but this show... well. I just re-watched the first episode. For the fifth time. For the fifth time in five weeks. It's possibly... well, possibly TROUBLING how obsessive I am about this show. I mean, dude. DUDE. It makes me want to write FANFIC. And that's just... wow.

Anyway, here is a fan-made trailer, of sorts, for this show. Very minimal spoilers.

ALSO, it will soon be airing in the US! YAY! I, ahem, somehow find myself in the possession of digital copies of the shows already, BUT I have already pre-ordered the DVD from! So. Yes. (Possibly, I will have to strap some of you down to my couch and make you watch this show. I might even, GASP, take away your electronic devices to make you pay attention... I'M LOOKING AT YOU, silensy~!)

Anywho, if this looks at all interesting to anyone, the show will be airing on PBS starting October 24 and you can view it on the PBS website for a limited time span after that here. Or, you know, my couch.

GUYS. I got myself an ICON for this show! AND I'VE SIGNED UP TO PIMP FICS FOR IT ON CRACK VAN!!!! Yes.

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