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The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Happy Halloween!

If all goes well, I shall be spending Halloween tomorrow with good friends at a fancy-dress tea party at the Huntington Library & Gardens. I do so love a good tea party! I will be reprising my steampunk costume from Comic-Con for this occasion (mainly because I'm too beleaguered to come up with anything else at the moment), and hopefully this time I'll remember to get some pictures of me in it. Really must try to find all the pieces... have the corset, leather book on a rope, magnifying glass, shoes (or should I be daring and wear the Victorian heals? hm...), lacy shirt, and hat, but I must still find the appropriate socks and the leather arm guards, and the pants need to finish in the dryer. I think that I shall forgo the parasol but I will be bringing a fan. inkwraith, it is your job to remind me to take my allergy medicine before we leave tomorrow!!!

Huntington, yay~! To celebrate the occasion, here, have a picture of a previous sojourn there. That would be the lovely Clover. I won't be bringing dolls to photograph this time (Jazz would shudder too much and Katie roll her eyes, don't tell me they wouldn't!!!), but still. Maybe next time, though. It's been awhile!


In other news, TPA 3 is done, submitted, and passed, huzzah! Only one more TPA down and I am officially (almost) done. Rah! Obviously, TPA 4 is the largest and scariest one yet and it is due in only a month's time, but there it is. I'll have to take the camera into the classes, soon, to video tape myself teaching for it... but perhaps not on Monday. I'm trying something new, a sort of debate/discussion thing called a Socratic circle. It's to begin our new reading unit. I'm thinking of using this new unit to cover a whole bunch of oral standards, but I don't have the whole thing planned out yet. OOPS. I SHOULD PROBABLY BE DOING THAT, YEAH!? I really must stop leaving early simply because my prep period is sixth. *guilty look* The reading classes need some more work, too. Fortunately, it's all lesson planning at the moment, though, because I got caught up on all my grading. YAY! Of course, I plan to assign a new essay this week. Sigh.

For no particular reason, I have been spending a lot of time on YouTube lately, watching Doctor Who and Merlin fanvids. I have actually only seen both those shows less than half a dozen times. Combined. I can count the episodes on one hand. BUT OMG I LEARNED THAT JOHN SIMM IS APPARENTLY IN DOCTOR WHO AND NOW I MUST SEE MORE. Or just keep on watching fanvids. I think I have the plot down from the fanvids. The Doctor and the Master break up, then get together, then break up again and they're kinda into bondage and they kinda have an open relationship, John Simm the Master with some brainwashed blond that ends up shooting him and the Doctor with some immortal dude in a big coat. AMIRITE? (I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be like Gundam Wing and when I eventually actually watch this show instead of consume fanfic and fanvids about it I will not actually understand what the hell is going on. Yes.) The fanvids of Merlin make my eyes cross and my inner mythology nerd rage -- but totally in the good way, like with Hercules and Xena.

Oh, also, I have been watching old EuroVision stuff on YouTube. It's really. Um. Yeah. I *sparkleyheartsofdoom* EuroVision, even though I'm kinda embarrassed that I like it...

Look! New Sherlock icons! :D

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