The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

dispaches from the front

I am officially credentialed now, yay! I have job prospects, too, which is frankly startling. Huzzah! I'm not too hopeful, though, the state of everything being as it is.

I had an absolutely smashing time last night with my friends out on Peter's boat, even though it was raining, and afterwords at silensy and ohani's house (BTW, Silensy, gimme the lowdown on the LJs of everyone who was at that party, pretty please?) for pizza and a bittersweet showing of Love Actually.

I have spent a goodly portion of today catching up on reading the approximately 1 million Sherlock fics I have been saving up. Oy. So much good stuff. Is it bad of me that I want the crack_van mods to forget to disable my posting access in January (when they are putting the community on hiatus) so I can just keep on reccing? LOL

Must play more LotRO. I still hate that Mark's account was hacked and everything stolen, but I am still ever so grateful that they left Mavi alone. Sucks that Turbine wouldn't give us anything of real substance back. All that amazing epic armor that Amarric and Winberry and Vidu had... and ALL of my crafting materials... SIGH.

I have that doctor appointment tomorrow. I'm going to decline the pap smear. Ugh, I hate going to the doctor's office. :-(

Have not really done anything at all about presents for anyone yet. Last year, I didn't bother giving anyone anything, but I really should do this year. I'm poor and sometimes Grinchy, but I do love all my friends and most of my family. (God. I can't believe my sister invited our grandmother to Christmas this year. Last year was SO NICE without that crazy bitch.)

Emotional state: Windy, with highs in the low 70's, chance of rain.

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