The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

In which I demonstrate my epically bad taste.

I admit it. I have an extremely unhealthy love of EuroVision music. :D I know. I KNOW. Really, I know. They're all so AWESOMELY BAD. Horrifically, culturally-sellout BAD. But in such a good way, you know? Basically, I dance around to EuroVision songs like Lucy dances as the Toclafane decimate Earth. ESPECIALLY the songs where the singers who don't speak English try to sing in English and have absolutely terrible pronunciation. THOSE ARE THE BESTEST.

I loved Romania's entry for 2010. "...burn this place down!" ^_^ (No really, love this song.)

Greece. Yeah, I don't even know. Opa? (There is absolutely nothing redeeming about this song or video.)

I'm not even linking to the UK song for 2010, it is that bad. *shudders*

Azerbaijan always seems to have the prettiest singers and the weirdest outfits.

O_O So... so... swishy... Pretty. I want one. A pretty Serbian doll singer...

I rather liked the entries from Belgium, Portugal, and even Germany. I don't care what anyone says, while she may not have been the best -- even though she won -- Lena is pretty talented.

Turkey? Was FUCKING EPIC. I'd totally buy their album.

For catchy (and hip-thrusting), though, nothing can beat France's entry. This one is totally my favorite. Hey, like I said, I like Eurovision in spite of myself. So bad... :D

"Go on, admit it. You enjoyed that!"

YAY! I can't wait until May! EuroVision 2011! ^_^

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