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I spent a truly flabbergasting amount of time exploring the Google Art Project this evening. It is really quite incredibly, wonderfully amazing. It's like I can see the future with this technology... virtual field trips to foreign museums from the comfort of my own classroom, controlled by the curiosity of my students. SO COOL.

Speaking of students, my 9th graders taught me something new today. My last name, spelled backwards and pronounced phonetically? Is a semi-naughty word. Yes, it really is a good thing they're paying attention to Steinbeck, isn't it? *rollseyes*

These South Korean trailers for Sherlock are FANTASTIC. Like a commenter on them said, it's like I've entered a parallel world where they are filming and showing a completely different series from the one I watched. These are official trailers for the show and apparently South Korea's other name is Slashland. I giggled so hard watching those.

I read through my friends list and open links to things other people have posted about in tabs and then sometimes don't get back to them for days and days and days and don't remember who the original link-person was. (This also means that when I get busy and can't read through my tabs as often as I'd like I accumulate about 50 tabs and start to fear that my browser will crash from them all.) That said, whomever I got the link to Hyperbole and a Half from, THANK YOU. THANK YOU SO MUCH. This is my new treat for myself. Reading through the crackiliciousness of this illustrated story blog has made my life so much more awesome. SO FUNNY.

Myths RETOLD is incredibly funny, too. Again, whomever on my flist originally linked this, thank you.

The movie Avatar does not hold up on repeated viewing (besides visually, it didn't really hold up for me the first time, as the story was bland and predictable). No, I don't know why the teacher I'm subbing for this week is having me show it to her ESL class, but she is. And she only left me disc 1 of the 2-disc extended version, so I had to scramble around finding a copy (thankfully, Ken had it and thankfully Mark knew that Ken had it). It is really kind of surreal, actually, to teach Steinbeck for two classes, then watch Avatar, then teach Faulkner for two classes. It's like a piece of rubbery 2-week old ham stuck between exquisite fresh-baked bread slices.

Also, I want my own classes. I keep falling in totally-platonic-I'm-not-a-pedo love with other teacher's students. I'm not to the point of hiring assassins to knock off other English teachers so I can have their job yet, but...

This discussion about John and Sherlock's relationship on sherlockbbc is a really interesting read. It's all about contextual interpretations of the characters. I love this fandom so much -- this is the kind of topic that has inspired massive wank of epic proportions in other fandoms, but here we just have intellectual discourse and multiple theories and interpretations where people agree to disagree. Good stuff.

Now I shall end this post with links to four songs that I absolutely adore beyond words and have been playing on excessive repeat a lot lately:
Toarie by Riikka (I love Finnish songs, especially of the Varttina ilk.)
Marble House by The Knife (I guess this is electronica? It is just so pretty, although the two versions of the music video are both rather disturbing. I'm linking to the slightly less disturbing one... the other one has stop-motion animated mice...)
Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of war drums by A Perfect Circle (I'm growing addicted to everything by this band. Kinda metal/rock? I'm so bad at identifying genres of music, it's amazing I was once the manager of a music store!)
Clocks by Coldplay, a tribute by Vitamin String Quartet. (This is so gorgeous on strings. I'm thinking of buying everything these guys do.)

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