The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

I watch EuroVision so you don't have to.

I've finally done it. I've finally, for the first time, after watching hundreds of hundreds of videos on YouTube, hit the "Dislike" button. Sweden's entry for EuroVision 2011 is a complete and utter travesty of music. (I'm not going to link it... it's too awful to inflict on anyone.)

Germany is returning last year's winner as their entry. I still kinda like her. She has a very strange appeal. I don't understand the dancing condoms, though...

I like the Ukrainian entry... well, I like the video. The song is just ok.

Moldova didn't even try. (And Macedonia only kinda tried. Or maybe it's ironic?) Finland's entry is, um. Special? I'll go with special. (They should have chosen the glam rock band, not the the tra-la-la guitar guy.)

The entry from Switzerland really reminds me of the German (winning) entry from last year. But not as good. And with a weird twangy style. I can't really make up my mind about Estonia's entry. There are parts of it I like and parts that I find boring. Azerbaijan's rock opera doesn't do it for me.

Georgia's video annoys me. The song isn't horrible, but yeah, still.

I really like Turkey's entry a lot! This is close to my genre of music. Not as... scary airbrushed and overly-polished as many pop songs. Plus, random electronica! :D

Oh Latvia. The lyrics of your entry... *facepalm*

Russia. What? WHY!? Ew.

I'm hopelessly in love with the entry from Ireland. And it's so overly-processed synth and insipid repeating lyrics, I know! But I liked it. Tee hee. Oh well. Speaking of twins, Slovakia's entry is... well, they're pretty. Yet. Somehow. They're song feels like EVERY song of this genre. No new sound, no new theme. Ah well, it's EuroVision...

Albania's entry is pretty nifty. I love the singer's look and I the video. The song is cool, too. She has quite a powerful voice and presence!

I like Croatia's entry... but it sounds better in the original language, rather than English. I like it when the countries choose songs in their own languages. Like Bulgaria. So pretty. The video for the Cyprus entry makes me really wish I could understand the lyrics, though. It's like a soap opera!

Even though it's in Polish, the Polish video (not to mention the singer), is HOT. She has great star-presence.

San Marino's entry is like a travel advertisement and makes me go or a chick-flick movie. Serbia went retro with their entry, but it actually works.

Greece is... bad. Again. Either the Greeks have really atrociously awful musical taste, or they are playing a horrible joke on the rest of Europe by inflicting these people on them. (Portugal IS, actually, perpetrating a joke on everyone else. Which somehow makes them kinda cool. Sorta.) Denmark's entry reminds me of The Beatles somehow. This is not a good thing. I didn't like Austria's entry, either. The Netherlands has a nice one, but it's not really my thing.

Lithuania chose the wrong entry. It SO should have been Donatas Montvydas, not Evalina Sašenko.

Iceland gave us possibly the best song and sound of the whole contest this year. Classic, lovely, perfect. (This one really is almost too good for a EuroVision entry.)

Belgium's entry is different! I like it! Gotta love beatbox!

The Maltese entry just makes me smile. I defy anyone to watch that and not come away feeling better. He has a great diva voice, too. :D In a similar vein, I liked Romania's entry a lot, too.

France did a complete about-face from the style of last years song. An actual opera singer! In EuroVision! O_o

If I could decide the winner, it would be the entry from Bosnia & Herzegovia. OK, or maybe Italy, because wow, his voice. That's some smooth jazz right there, that is.

I feel like I should be rooting for the United Kingdom, though. I like the song. It's good stuff, but it doesn't grab me like some of the others do. (I might also still be a bit traumatized by last year's entry from the UK... Ugh.)

Norway's entry is LOVE. This is another one that makes me happy. :D Spain was pretty good, too, in making me smile.

Hungary's entry tries too hard. Israel's entry, too.

Finally, I LOVE BELARUS. That right there is why I love EuroVision. :D

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