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I joined a new mailing list called All_Fandom_Recs at and now my inbox is like, permanently filled. But filled with such wonderful stories!!! This beautiful gen Stargate SG-1/Highlander series...! Oh, and the wonderful JackDaniel that I referenced in a previous post...! And more Star Trek slash than you can shake a stick at, including P/Q, which I've never been interested in before...! And some rather disturbing genderbending RPS involving boybands that seem more like oshunanat's thing than mine...? And oh, such a lovely Bad!Fraser story, with our favorite Mountie as a master criminal...! And some gigglesome Sentinel, and a whole lot of X-Files-lovin', and some yummy CLex, and some angsty Sports Night...! I am truly overwhelmed. I think I'm catching up with a whole semesters worth of not reading fanfic over this little break. Once school starts up again, I'll probably not be able to indulge quite so much.

I never realized there was quite SO MUCH fanfic on the 'Net when I first started reading it lo those many years ago. My Bookmarks/Favorites have doubled in number in the past weeks. Whew!

And basingstoke made my day today with this little quote that won't make much sense out of context, but it has to do with a comic called "The Authority" and her recent fanfic for it. And I quote:

Reading over the story as it's unfolded so far, I realize I should make something clear.

I do not support, condone, approve of, or desire children.

Or dissolving people alive.

Or armed insurgence.

Those are bad.

End quote. Heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh!

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