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I miss a bunch of the older Morning Musume and I kinda feel like some of their recent songs are derivative (yet still oddly mesmerizing and fun!), but it continually amazes me how exploitative and skeezy some of their releases are. I mean, three of those girls in that video are 13 years old, ffs. Ugh. I think I'll go back to Korean girl bands -- not that they're less skeezy and exploitative, but at least their members are generally a bit older. Besides, Girls' Generation songs have that general absurd over-the-topness that I really enjoyed in older MM songs back when they had a veneer of childish innocence over their creepy exploitation of young girls.

I'm not someone who actually believes that the Illuminati (exists or) brainwashes pop stars in celeb-factories of doom (no, seriously, this is A Thing and there are people who write blogs about it... I got caught up in reading them for a few days awhile back and yeah, wow) (those people are still not as freaky as the people who don't think we landed on the Moon or that believe 9/11 was a U.S. government plot, though) (can I really assign levels of crackiness to crazy conspiracy theories? yes, yes I can), but I've been reading a lot of Avengers fanfic lately and thinking about how the Black Widow would feel about the big music labels in Asian and their youth training camps to turn out these pre-packaged, weirdly damaged pop stars. Someone should write that story.

Someone who is not me. I am writing my Yuletide story. By which I mean, I am procrastinating on writing my Yuletide story. Yes.

So, the amazingness that is Glitch ended. I truly cried as the server shut down. Take a look at some of my snaps (aka screenshots) of the game, because it was pretty fucking awesome. I'm going to buy the pretty artbook and the CD of the game music for myself for Xmas. What? Get other people prezzies!?!? Pish and tosh. (Speaking of prezzies, I can't wait for my mom to give me the standard Eurovision CD for my Xmas present... I've started jonesing for my Eurovision fix so I've been watching the pre-selection as the countries hold them. SO MUCH BAD MUSIC IT IS INCREDIBLE!!!) I loved the stories of Glitch because the world was so much more than what the developers did -- it was truly a collaborative world where the players helped create the story. Wandering around Ur in the last few days before the end, I read so many notes that people had dropped on the streets that were so beautiful. There were poems and stories and role plays and fond farewells and heartfelt tributes and links to YouTube video tributes and so much... I'm sad there isn't more fanfic based on it. It feels a bit silly, but it hurts that this game is gone. (Good grief, what would I do with myself if LotRO shut down, too!?! I'd go into MMORPG-withdrawl.)

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