The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Eurovision/Yuletide is my new OTP.

The cover of Loreen's Euphoria (winner of Eurovision 2012) by Rachel Traets (with taiko drumming!!!) at Junior Eurovision 2012 is THE BESTEST. (No, seriously, check it out!)

...yes, yes I HAVE found something even more ridiculous than Eurovision... JUNIOR Eurovision. The performers are all between 10 and 15. Hahahhahahahhahah, it's so bad I can't even! OMG. (You KNOW you want to watch it.) Guys! The little girl that won is TEN YEARS OLD. It's so cute. And awful. (PS: The tiny boy band from Armenia should totally have won!)

Yeah, I don't have to get the CD for this. My mom did give me the traditional Eurovision CD for Xmas, though, and she even got be a Take That CD, too. Mark got me a new mouse. (I got them The Origins of Middle-Earth for Dummies and a couple of banksia pods, respectively.)

Even though I broke my New Year's resolution of being out of the country for Xmas, it wasn't too bad. Went to dinner with my sister's family Friday night (they've decided to celebrate Hanukkah only this year) and it wasn't TOO awkward, and I even ran into an old friend/coworker at the B&N afterwards who I chatted with.

I spent today reading fanfic (as one does), including my fabulous Yuletide gift, 221 Brownstone. It's a lovely, introspective multiple-character study and I highly recommend you check it out if you've been enjoying the TV show Elementary as much as I have been. (I think I need someone to make me some icons for the show. Also, Jedward. LOL)

Whoa. Whoa... THOUGHT. Next year... next year maybe... No, it's too insane. It's too silly. But. Well. Eurovision Song Contest as a fandom for Yuletide? AO3 only has 20ish stories for... whoa. There really IS fanfic for everything!

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