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The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Dear Yuletide Author

Thank you so much for writing me a story! I've only participated in Yuletide once before (back in 2012), but I've been following it for years and really enjoyed the concept. I've also done other writing challenges, although not lately, I admit. I'm hoping to get back into writing and a challenge like this is a good place to start. I'm sure that no matter what you write, I'll enjoy it, because YAY, FANOM! :D

You can find me (and my extensive collection of fanfic bookmarks) on AO3 here.

General Stuff I Like:
1) I am a HUGE crossover fan. I started reading fanfic about 20 years ago and some of my earliest fanfic explorations were on the Gossamer Archive for The X-Files, where I basically read EVERYTHING in the crossover section. And that was a lot. Even if I had no clue about what the other fandoms were.
2) The trope that will make me read ANY story, no matter if it is poorly written or I don't even know the fandom, is the Time Loop. I'm also a ZOMG!HUGE fan of the Set Right What Once Went Wrong trope, a la Day Break, Quantum Leap, Early Edition, Seven Days, etc. Time travel stories where someone wakes up young again and has a chance to relive their life to fix [insert tragedy here] are like my fanfic kryptonite.
3) I adore Outsider POV that makes completely plausible theories over what is going on but the reader knows they're wrong and/or the Insider POV where the main character is keeping tons of secrets from everyone else in the story, especially identity-related secrets.
4) I'll read any pairing, although I do tend to gravitate towards slash. I also adore Gen fic.

General Stuff I Don't Like:
I'm hard to squick. I'm not a big fan of kidfic, but I'll read it and enjoy it if it's written well. Torture porn is a big turn-off, as is infantalization. My biggest turn-off in a fic is first person/present tense writing. I don't really know why, but I just can't stand reading it. I've read amazing summaries for fanfics or synopses for novels that I'm really excited about reading and I open the book and see it's in first person/present tense and I'll put it right back down.

Request 1: Brimstone
This show could have been so great! There are only 13 episodes and it was made in the 1990's, but don't let that stop you from checking it out if you've never heard of it! It's a show made for crossovers (Dogma, Supernatural, and Good Omens all come to mind...), but if that's not your thrill, I'll take anything in this highly underutilized fandom. I'd love to see how Detective Stone is doing after all these years... still plugging away at getting those 113 souls sent back to Hell? Still being tormented by the Devil? Was the Devil doppelganger in the last episode really an Angel/God, or was the Devil just playing a cruel trick on him? Did he ever manage to send Ash back?

Request 2: Island City
Wow, what to say about this TV Pilot that never got off the ground? I loved it, even though it is so, so bad. Some of the concepts in this movie were fantastic, with the dichotomy between those who refused treatment and those who took the youth drug that mutated most of the population, the crystal implants that control who you may and may not have a sexual relationship with, the clones (I'm a fan of the Greg series, as Greg 23 is my favorite, of course), all of that fancy technology inside of the city in contrast to the wasteland outside of the city, etc. Really, I just want to explore this world more. A world-building story or an adventure tale or whatever would be awesome. Original characters are fine, too!

Request 3: Earth: Final Conflict
My dad called this "that mime show" back in the day, but I loved it. Boone is fine, but I was always much more fond of Kincaid, especially since he had the whole secretly-and-alien-hybrid thing going for his, with the cool Shaquarava energy hands. I would love a story exploring more about Ronald Sandoval and his unknowing father/son relationship with his co-worker/secret-enemy-but-maybe-we're-sort-of-on-the-same-side? Liam Kincaid. Their dynamic continually delighted me on the show. I'm also a fan of Augur and his relationship to Liam (either romantic or paternal).

Request 4: The Pretender
One of the very few shows I actually bought the DVDs for!!! I love and adore every character on this show (well, except for the creepy ones, and I include Sydney as one of the creepy ones because, well, seriously...). It is a show MADE for crossovers. I'm a big fan of the early-series Jarod with all of his innocent wonder at the outside world, but the latter, darker stuff was also fantastic. Broots is awesome. Angelo is awesome. Miss Parker is awesome ice cream on an awesome cake. I'd love to see Jarod still going strong, avenging the innocent and righting wrongs, fighting the Centre and flirting with Miss Parker. If you want to write a crossover, seriously, anything would be lovely -- Jarod can slip into any context, that's his superpower! So cool! I really love this show. :D

Request 5: The Last Detective
DANGEROUS DESERVES A HAPPY ENDING!!! No, seriously, I love DC Davies. He's sweet and caring and became a police officer to help people and sure he's not exciting, but he believes in justice and OMG, Julie, why did you dump him, you idiot?! Sorry. Ahem. Dangerous needs a happy ending. DI Aspinall was starting to see his value and even the other detectives were grudgingly starting to respect him again. I want him blissfully happy and having lots of sex (Ray, Mod, even Julie, I don't care) and still doing the work he used to love and now is starting to love again.

Request 6: Cable and Deadpool
I'm a huge comic book nerd. And while usually I'm not a big fan of bad guys, there's just something about Deadpool. Go wild. (PS: I loved the Loki-is-Deadpool's-father storyline in the first ongoing title. I also love Blind Al and her dating Captain America back before he was frozen and her ties to British intelligence... I'm also fond of Weasel.)

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