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Eurovision 2015

So, who's excited about Eurovision?!??! yeah, I know, not many in the U.S.

But, um, Australia is part of Eurovision this year. WTF? I mean, I thought Azerbaijan and Israel were stretching it, but yeah, um, Australia. That's AUSTRALIA, not AUSTRIA. Yeah.

I mean, the song is fun. And the video is cute. But Australia. (I'm totally secretly planning the bid for the U.S., but right now I'm just jelly.)

ANYWAY, my opinions!

Australia - I dig it
Albania - moody power diva pop, so not my thing (also, the video is creepy, with tons of emotionless women crying single perfect tears of who the fuck knows)
Austria - the song is OK (admittedly too slow for my groove), but the singer is totally hot (I guess I dig long-haired bearded dudes? whatevs)
Armenia - I like the visuals of the music video, but too many singers make me go O_o and the tempo feels weirdly off, and the weird minor shifts at the end are terrible
Azerbaijan - boy diva, not bad, but not my thing
Belarus - AWESOME! I love the violinist in the hourglass. LOVE IT. Hope this one goes far.
Belgium - FANTASTIC!!!! love the beat, fantastic lyrics, I hope this one WINS.
Cyprus - This is pretty good, and the guy's voice is very nice.
Czech Republic - co-ed duet power ballad (video is soooooo dramatical). meh
Denmark - the 50's-esque vibe is really fun, but at the same time this just feels very generic to me. I mean, it's pretty good, and I'd listen to it if it were on the radio, but I wouldn't buy it, yeah? (some oddly creepy lyrics, but I could just be overly sensitive)
Estonia - I like their sound. Very classy.
Finland - No. I'm a punk fan. But. No.
France - Lovely
Georgia - GIRL POWER, FUCK YEAH! Also, I'm pretty sure I've made MMO characters for every one of those ladies in the video. I want Xena: Warrior Princess videos to this song, just saying. I would cheer if this one won.
Greece - ugh, the kind of aspirating diva I hate (which often wins), ugh
Germany - Yes, I like. More please. I really like her stage presence, too. Her relaxed confidence really makes me think she's having fun doing her thing. This totally won't win, though.
Hungary - nice concept, little too boring for Eurovision
Italy - A strong song, but not my speed. Video is fun from all the romantic scenes from movies references, and the song gets points for being sung in Italian.
Iceland - Very nice, and the singer is totally hot. I looked her up and could find nothing about her, but her voice is nice.
Israel - Great song! Really fun, like the rhythms and the hip hop riffs. Flows really well. I could get behind this one to win.
Ireland - What's with all the slow, sad songs this year? It's OK, but, AGAIN, not my speed. (Also, she's the age of my students, weird.)
Latvia - THIS SONG IS AMAZING. HER VOICE IS AMAZING. If this doesn't at least make the Final I'll cry.
Lithuania - I like it. A happy, upbeat song!
Malta - Very very good song. I like it a lot.
F.Y.R. Macedonia - This is very good, too. I like it. :)
Montenegro - I can't decide if the video is a fashion show or a tourism commercial. Very smooth song with some nice beats.
Moldova - This is so 90's and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. For some reason, he reminds me of Britney Spears. This song (and the fantastically cheesy video and totally douchey lyrics) just makes me grin and giggle. I'm slightly ashamed.
The Neatherlands - It's a nice song.
Norway - At first I wasn't sure. But, yeah, I like this. Duet ballad, but. Actually good. Even though it's slow and has the swelling music shit I usually hate. It's saved by the weirdness.
Poland - Very solid song, lovely voice. I like that it appears to be both a love song, and about overcoming her disability.
Portugal - This singer just kills it. Her voice is superb! Love her stage presence and the song and yeah, everything. VERY good. (But I want her to REALLY belt the song out. It doesn't feel raw enough.)
Romania - GORGEOUS video, and a really nice break from all the standard love songs. Made me tear up a bit...
Russia - nice, but I feel really weird about the lyrical message with all the politics
San Marino - So cheesy, but I actually like it.
Serbia - yay diversity, gotta admit I like the video, silly lip-syncing and all
Slovenia - I really can't decide if I like it or not. Her voice is odd at points. Also, air-violinist, whut?
Spain - This video is HILARIOUS. The song isn't bad. But the video! OMG, were-tiger fanfic? I dunno.
Sweden - HOLY FUCK, this is INCREDIBLE! It's, like, totally a Firefly/Serenity filk song! And it's REALLY GOOD. I want it to win! OMG, this song, please, please, please! It's sooooooo good! This is my new theme song, FYI.
Switzerland - Not a bad song. I can groove to this in the car.
United Kingdom - HOLY SHIT, THE U.K. ACTUALLY HAS A GOOD SONG THIS YEAR!!?!?!! I really like it! I can actually root for the U.K.! Awesome.

Eurovision 2015 Playlist

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