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Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers

I like the Drazi. He carries very large things.


Okay, it started off a bit iffy (sort of a "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" kind of vibe -- and that's a very bad thing) but it's getting better. I missed the very first bit because my computer decided to freak out on me (yes, I only watch television on my computer) but I got it back.

Okay, the commercial break is ending, I have to go now.

Later, at 10:11pm

Yes, I do believe that prolonged exposure to humans has driven G'Kar insane.

I like the first officer, too. He sort of reminds me of Lenier. Plus, HE SEES DEAD PEOPLE. Heheh.

"You never know when you're going to be attacked in space by somebody with a really big rock." - Captain David Martel

Later, at 11pm

Okay, I liked it MUCH better than "Crusade." I hope they do actually make it a series. I want Sarah's, the weapon specialists, job!

But what I want to know is.... What is the secret of the Swedish meatballs!?!
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