The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Because I have nothing better to do than be miserable, I'm going to type in some names and descriptions of some mythical creatures. In fact, some of them are so mythical that I made them up. A nice, shiny prize goes to anyone who can tell the difference.

Formorians - A race of evil giants. Their bodies are composed of a diverse collection of twisted human and animal flesh. Some have animal bodies and human heads, some have only one leg or arm, and some have webbed feet or horns. The Formori are believed to have existed since before the Great Flood and are skilled in the magical arts. Their leader is King Conan.

Manticore - A blood-red creature with the body of a lion, the face and ears of an azure-eyed human, a long neck, and a tail ending in a sting like that of a scorpion. The mouth of a Manticore contains a triple row of teeth and it's voice is so shrill that it resembles the combined sound of a flute and a trumpet, although it can also hiss like a serpent. Nothing can outrun a Manticore and it can shoot out the quills of its tail like darts.

Hjulshima - The Hjulshima is a serpent-like creature that lives in damp caves. They have one pair of poison claws on their bodies and four long fangs set in a head that looks like a lovely woman. Each Hjulshima has one red wing. At night they come out to fly but to do so two of them must wrap themselve around each other. They tempt unmarried men from their homes and then drown them in their caves.

Kokksaut - Mysterious and strange creatures that sometimes take the shape of birds but are really phantoms. Although some stories have them helping mankind, most often they are up to no good.

Djanggawul - Three beings, a man and his older and younger sister, are known collectively as the Djanggawul. The mans penis is so long it touches the ground, as do the clitorises of his two sisters. He had sex with both of them. When the older sister moves her gigantic clitoris out of the way, babies pop out. She stores people inside herself.

Kofalai - He is the son of Mimke, the goddess that brings night by letting down her hair, and a caiman. Kofalai has the form of a man and the head of a caiman. He taught the first men how to clear the jungle and plant crops. People leave pearls in doorways for him so he will bless their houses and give them good dreams.

The Sons of Stone and Bamboo - One day a rock split open and a human man fell out. He went down to the river and saw another man born out of a bamboo tree. The son of bamboo found silver and the son of stone found iron and they lived together. One day, the right knee-joint of the son of bamboo itched and split open to reveal a boy. Then his left knee-joint revealed a girl. Then the same happened to the son of stone. Their children intermarried and these were the first people.

Simurgh - The Simurgh is the monarch of all birds and the most long-lived. She is a gigantic iridescent creature that lives, behind veils of light and dark, on inaccessible peaks in the Alburz mountains to the north of what is now Iran. When the Simurgh flies home, to the land where the sacred Haoma plant grows, her vast open wings are like a mist over the mountains. The tree where she alights is immortal and carries the seeds of all the wild plants of the earth. When she alights on the tree, the weight of her body shakes its branches, scattering down all the seeds that are ripening there.

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