The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
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Today I went to the orientation at my new school. Eek, people! Eh, was okay. I learned that the campus health center gives out drugs and you can buy condoms from these neat little dispensers all over campus. Flavored and colored and LUBED, too.

Girl on tour was complaining about how fucking BIG the place was, compared to her previous college, and how fucking FAR apart everything was. I laughed. *I* went to the college of the Evil Hill. My new school is FLAT. Woo hoo! And it's in the middle of the city. No more parking in fucking cow pastures! Yay!

BIG library. I was awed.

One of the orientation leaders was totally high. Histrionic personality, always needed to be the center of attention, LOUD, energetic, flamingly swishy.... I got his e-mail address.

Bought my textbooks. $307.58, not bad. I'm taking Intro to Folklore, right? The coolest thing -- ONE OF THE REQUIRED BOOKS IS NEIL GAIMAN'S "AMERICAN GODS"!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that not totally cool or what!?! (When the book first came out, I went to a reading of it where Mr. Gaiman signed my copy for me.)

Mark got engrossed in my Criminology textbook. We had a fun little discussion of the differences between serial killers and mass murderers. God, this is going to be fun!

But I got stuck in traffic on the way home. Grr. Los Angeles freeways suck! I'm thinking of taking the MetroLink to the train station and catching the shuttle into the campus. It's a thought anyway.

And guy in the library recognized my t-shirt and asked if I like Megatokyo!! We talked anime and webcomics. He's going to try and find out the hours of the university anime club for me. He's also trying to draw his own comic. I knew that getting those t-shirts was a good idea!

Internship with the county probations office or with in-patients at a mental health facility.... Hmmm, decisions, decisions. Oh well, no need to go into it now. It'll be at least another semester before I start with that. Maybe I'll do both! Or something else, something even cooler.

Yeah, I'm excited about school starting next Monday. Need to get more advisement, though.

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