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Shit, we just had a second aftershock to the original earthquake. Aw well, I survived the Northridge earthquake which destroyed a goodly portion of my stuff and my neighborhood, I'll survive these wee little tumblers. Yeah, not getting excited for anything less than a 5.5 on the Richter scale.

In other news, I had my first day of classes at my new university today. (Which has, coincedentally enough, just finally finished rebuilding from the Nothridge earthquake. The orientation leader was even saying how that quake was good for the school because it allowed them to rebuild with newer and better materials. Heh.) Anyway, nothing too traumatic happened, although I did get a ticket for parking in the wrong lot. Oops! Nothing major.

One thing: Statistical Methods of Psychological Research is *so* going to be a sucky class. And the lab may very well be worse, although the computers didn't look too bad.

But Folklore looks to be MUY spiffy, plus it has someone I actually know in it. Tomorrow, more classes. And I'll park in the right lot this time. ^_^'

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