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The dragonfly ate all my candy!!!

Yay, we had another earthquake today! And I wasn't at home, I was at school (yes, the school that fell down in the last big quake) in the library. Swwwwwwaaaaaaaaaying bookcases! Startled out-of-state students. I chuckled, then put my shoes back on, just in case.

Two dudes escaped from a prison (*ahem* sorry, rehabilitation center), so lots of roads were closed, so traffic SUCKED this morning. But I didn't have a problem, because I am virtuous and left for school WAY early to get a parking space. I overheard others grumbling. ~_^ And all the pretty helicoptors circling, whee!

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, hills still green from the rain on Sunday. Today? SMOG.

Anywho, Intercultural Communications class looks to be fun, although it's mostly filled with Communications majors who're all OUTGOING and shit. Scary. But we get to sit in a big circle and tell stories and stuff. Prof says he doesn't believe in lecturing -- after all, that's why he wrote the textbook! Environmental Geology is depressing AND boring. Optional fieldtrips to toxic sites. Rah. But Folklore is fun fun fun, but very very hard. First week of class and we already have to have read 130 pages out of the text. I'm up to 90. It's interesting material, but very dense and hard to read. Sometimes I have to reread a paragraph to get it. Sociological Analysis was cancelled today, and so was the Statistical Methods of Psychological Research Lab, although the lecture was still on. We're going to be doing a lot of data analysis but not a lot of actual computations in the Stats class, so yay!

Four of my profs are making me buy evil readers from FOUR DIFFERENT copying places. I stood in line for half an hour yesterday for just one. Grr. Couldn't they have at least ordered them all from the same place!?

I'm applying for my first internship! If I get it, I'll be helping to teach a series of classes on prejudice reduction to 9th graders at local high schools. All the classes that this internship stipulated that I have, I do! But I haven't gotten it yet. I probably won't, as they give priority to seniors. But there's always hope. Wish me luck!

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