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La la la, I have to get to school two hours before my first class to insure I have a parking spot. La la la. Then, as I'm walking to my car this afternoon, this girl asks if she can drive me to my car so she can have my space. I say sure and that's how it works out. This should illustrate how crapy the parking situation is at my new school, just like my old school. I just hope that when I go back tonight for my 7-10pm class I'll be able to find a spot. La la la.

I've noticed something. People are more... preppy, I guess the word is, at my new school. Like, blue jeans and a t-shirt aren't really done that much, it's all Gap and Old Navy and button up shirts and belted slacks. Well, not all. There's the usual number of gang-banger wannabes, curio clothes chicks, and the yeah-i'm-waring-my-jammies-cause-i-just-don't-care people, but I seem to be in the minority with my t-shirts that have interesting (mostly comics related) pictures on them. Weird. I don't really know why this is. Have I missed something, fashion-wise? Whatever, I don't really care.

It's a bit too cold to wear the black lace shirt, but the black velvet should do nicely. I want to go to a rave! Alseides...? *sigh* Right, sorry.

Brian told me about the school anime club. Sounds fun! But it's on Friday night. Hmmmmm, do I really want to go back to the campus two nights in a row? It's a thirty minute drive! And parking! Huh, well, I'll think about it.


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Final Thought: I'm cold. I really am. But I've been reading the journals of other people who are talking about snow and frozen streets and such and it makes me think. How can I be cold? It's sixty degrees outside! Snow is something that happens on distant mountain tops. Hell, I've only ever SEEN snow up close like, twice. So, I shouldn't be cold. But I am. I'm glad I don't live any place where it REALLY gets cold.

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