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In an amazing bit of luck, I got a parking space right off tonight. Wow.

Got to class (Crime and Criminal Justice, a requirement for my new second major) and thought, "wow, sure are a lot of people here." I'm talking standing room only here folks. Turns out the silly university had double booked two classes in the same room (the other class was Social Work). So my class moved to another place.

And then... CRIME! Woo hoo! Muy spiffioso class! I'm learning all sorts of interesting Latin phrases. Did you know that there are six categories of crime which fall into two general types? Me neither, but now I do! And the teacher seems fun. Can you tell I'm excited?


Okay, I just checked my e-mail. Apparently, all the internship positions are filled, but they're interested in interviewing me for a research assistanship! !!!!! Um, tomorrow at 2pm. Oh well, I guess that means I have to cancel (at the very last minute, thus I must pay fines) my doctors appointment (again, because of school). The bright side? No pap smear!

Ah, and Brian has invited me to a party. Par-tay! Woo hoo! It's at... some guy's house. Um. Oh well, I think I'll go. Hmm hmm, what should I wear!?!

Life is grand.

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